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PC Vetrofit Crate – Steven

We want to thank anyone for reading this and for stopping by and checking out our latest PC Vetrofit Crate update. We're currently holding weekly giveaways of our Stack Up Phalanx Coin. If you'd like a chance at it, please comment on the Facebook or Twitter post where you found this PC Vetrofit crate update with #RedshirtSummer.

Let's get on to the important stuff, shall we? Steven is an Air Force Veteran who wanted a PC to play with friends and family. Read his request below:

I was in the Air Force and deployed to Afghanistan to work on F-15's. During service I saw many of my friends killed...even on attacks on the base. I am now out of the service and rated at 100% disabled unable to work due to my PTSD. Unfortunately I find it hard to go out in public and interact with friends and family. I tend to isolate at home. One thing that I have found that helps me be a little more social and gives me contact with the outside world is playing video games with my fiancé, foster brother, his kids, and other friends. Unfortunately, I do not have a gaming computer, so my fiancé and I always have to take turns playing games on other devices. With my own gaming computer I would be able to play multiple games including being able to play Fortnite WITH her instead of us taking turns.

Taking turns with gaming, while it means you can still have fun, makes gaming a little less so. We obviously had to help Steven get out of this gaming situation to have the maximum amount of fun possible.

I would like to thank each and everyone who was involved in my PC Vetrofit.
I also would like to give a special thank you to Tokki for her donations to Stack-up . I also would like to thank Dave Crouse for the great communication. In the near future I look forward to Using this pc For Flight simulator, and playing Fortnite with my fiance.

Thanks, Steven, for reaching out and applying for a Supply Crate! We hope you get plenty of gaming in.

Tokki and her community have greatly contributed to Stack Up and our mission for years. She's genuinely awesome! Be sure to check her channel out.

Want to help us fundraise so we can provide more PCs for Veterans like Steven? Sign up for a DonorDrive page below and get people to donate. Every dollar counts and helps us meet our mission of assisting Active Duty Military members and Veterans through the power of gaming.

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