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PC Vetrofit Crate – Kerry

Hello, there. Time for another PC Vetrofit Crate update. We were pretty lucky last year with our PC Vetrofit program as we were able to send out 40+ PCs to Veterans who needed them for gaming, streaming, work, and school. Today's PC Vetrofit Crate update comes from a Veteran who needed a PC for gaming to relax and also for online school. Meet Kerry:

I joined the Navy In 2015 as an Aviation Support Equipment Technician. I went to the USS KEARSARGE in 2016 and spent three months in the virgin islands and Puerto Rico for hurricane relief. I was continued through the shipyards and workups. I completed a 7-month deployment in the 5th fleet. I visited six countries, all while playing video games. I always found video games to connect with my other high school friends who all served in the army. My budget is currently tight; I am working full-time at Dogfish Head brewery and attending an online college.

Video games helping Military service members maintain cross branch friendships? That's pretty cool.

I don’t know where to start I’m absolutely speechless, thank you so much for the vetrofit pc it exceeded my expectations by a long shot. I find gaming extremely helpful while still transitioning out of the military, and now I’m finally not limited when it comes to gaming. I attached a few photos I took but I also am working on a video. I should have that video to you by the end of the week. Again thank you to stack up team and all donors!

Kerry, did you make this video with a drone??? That's so cool. Check it out below, folks!

SagetheBard sponsored Kerry's crate. Thanks for answering the Call to Arms. We hope Kerry gets to making more videos like this as a result! Most people would tell you not to press the big red button, but we actively encourage pushing the one below:

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