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PC Vetrofit Crate – Jeremiah

Hey there! If you read Friday's PC Vetrofit Crate update, then you probably knew already about Jeremiah and his brother Aaron. If you didn't read it, (it's okay if you were busy enjoying your holiday!) Jeremiah nominated his brother Aaron for a PC Vetrofit Crate so that he could game with his brother once they both had gaming PCs. When Jeremiah mentioned that he was also saving up for his own PC, we knew we had to hook him up as well. Here's his formal request, which we have people write up for tracking purposes (and these articles):

Hi there. You've heard from me before, and hooked up my brother, Aaron Waller, big time. I spoke with Dave and he said he might be able to get a computer to me as well... Anything that comes my way, I'd be deeply appreciative of and would use extensively. Thank you so much for everything you've done and continue to do. Much love, Jeremiah

Thanks, Jeremiah, for filling out that form. We're happy to help two brothers game together, especially if it helps with life post-military. Once Jeremiah received his crate, he told us:

Ohhhhhhhhh my god dude…
Everything arrived early. I’ve never seen anything like this. I googled the info on the outside of the PC box to get the specs, but found the box was only for a housing. Did they literally build this thing custom? Like it’s not a production model?
And this peripheral; hardware is completely insane bro.. I can’t help but look everything up and goddamn you spared no expense. I cannot fucking wait to get ARMA going on this. This is amazing. Thank you so so so much. I’m floored.

It is, indeed, a custom PC. Game on, Jeremiah and Aaron. We look forward to seeing these brothers around. Happy Holidays, everyone!

RonnieFit was also the sponsor for this crate. He is now on youtube if you want to check him out.

Hit that big red button below if you're feeling a little like volunteering.

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