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PC Vetrofit Crate – Chris

Today's PC Vetrofit Crate update comes from the mother of the recipient, Chris. Chris is an Air Force Veteran who served 14 years. We'll let his mother tell you all about him in her request:

I am nominating my son. He is brave and has a heart of gold. He served 14 years in the United States Airforce. He retired as a staff sergeant. He has done approximately 8 tours to Iraq, Kuwait, and Katar, he has a lot of mental and physical combat casualties that took place during his tours. He has also been stationed in Alaska, England and many other states throughout his military career. His last base was in Colorado Springs. He did some great things in this role including being a part of the Us Airforce band as transportation driver. He followed with the band as they toured the US. He was also a photographer with the Airforce. He took some amazing photographs that will be able to be seen on their website. He recently took an early retirement due to medical problems that occurred from all of his tours during the war . He has retired with full honors. We are extremely proud of him as a son and a soldier. He loves photography, watching sports, video gaming and spending time with his 8 year old son. He loves catching up on family time that he missed out on for 14 years of dedicated service to the country that he loves. I hope he becomes a candidate for this vetrofit PCs program.

If you are the parent of a Veteran or Active Duty service member, you can nominate your child for a Supply Crate, PC Vetrofit, or Air Assault at any time. Just fill out the form at the bottom of our Supply Crates page.

Chris has said that he's using his new PC to not only game with friends but use it for pursuing his degree in digital photography.

RonnieFit has been amazing when it comes to our PC Vetrofits program, not only getting the word out but raising the money for the PCs and helping get them put together. He's recently moved from Facebook Gaming to Youtube. Be sure to check him out.

Want to know more about Stack Up's programs and how you can get involved? Slap (or click) that red button below.

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