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PC Vetrofit Crate – Brandon

We're in the last week of our May Call to Arms push which means Memorial Day is almost upon us! Thank you to everyone who is currently fundraising. We hope they all meet and exceed their goals.

At $6k raised, fundraisers can expect a PC Vetrofit Crate to be sent out with their sponsorship. Through the PC Vetrofit program, we send a gaming PC out to a deserving Veteran looking to upgrade their gaming experience.

Today's update came from recipient Brandon, who is an Army Veteran as he tells us in his request:

I was an Army Sniper team leader when I deployed to Afghanistan. I had never deployed before and now I had 2 lives I was responsible for. We were retrograding FOB Airborne and took IDF frequently. Being snipers we would often split from the main force and watch an area we believed the IDF was coming. Being in a three man element in a war zone is very scary. Being a slick sleeve SGT who is responsible for men in those conditions is terrifying. We all made it home though. They play video games together often and have asked me to get a computer to join in. We plan of playing games that we can be a team again and reconnect in a way only we know how. My PTSD hinders my ability to make new friends or do much. This would be a way to reform bonds and be apart of a community again. I miss working towards a goal with my men.

Gaming is a great way to connect with other Veterans, and we've found that it helps bring units back together. The bonds we form with our fellow service members are like no other. We sent a PC Vetrofit Crate out to Brandon, and he sent us the following reply:

Thank you so much to everyone at Stackup and to GryphonAMX for getting me all of this gear. I am so grateful and honored for this kindness. I look forward to reconnecting to my Army buddies and using games to help me through the hard times. You have all shown me hope.

Thank you, Brandon, for letting us know about you so we could get a PC Vetrofit Crate out to you.

This Supply Crate update was brought to you by GryphonAMX, who has not only been a long supporter of Stack Up but has raised quite the amount of funding towards our mission of supporting troops through the power of gaming. Be sure to GryhphonAMX out on Twitch.

Memorial Day is closing in, but that doesn't mean the Call to Arms is over. If you couldn't fundraise before, you can fundraise at any time throughout the year. Our next big push is in November for Veterans Day. If you think you might want to participate, sign up for a DonorDrive page.

See that red button below? It leads you to Stack Up's many volunteer opportunities. Click it to learn more about them.

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