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PC Vetrofit Crate – Andre

If you've made it to midweek, congratulations. If you're getting through by the skin of your teeth, we're here for you in our discord. If you're here out of curiosity about what our PC Vetrofit Program is, here goes our blurb: Through our PC Vetrofit Crates, we retrofit a nominated Veteran with a PC. Many times, these PCs are custom-built To meet the needs of the Veteran in question. In today's update, Andre sent in for a PC Vetrofit due to wear and tear on his current PCs. Read his request below:

Hey there guys! I am a prior Navy Petty Officer Second Class (CTM2) and I got out January 2020 and moved to NC. While I was active duty, I needed a hobby to clear my mind and distract me from the stressful day to day of active duty, so I began streaming in 2019. In 2020, I moved to NC with my fiance at the time to start college classes and settle down. Unfortunately, things ended poorly for us and she broke off our engagement after moving and settling here. I had to use funds I was saving for upgrading my gaming PC that I use for streaming in order to move to a new place. My current gaming PC has an FX8350 CPU and an RX 580 GPU, both parts which are outdated now. I use a second pc with even older parts (FX6300 and RX560 GPU) to stream. Both PCS are starting to have motherboard issues and at times, have random crashes due to wear and tear. I fear that either PC will fall apart before I have the funds to build a new one, which will set my stream growth back and I will be unable to interact with my community. I stream full time besides being a full time student on the GI bill and I hope to make a career with streaming. I am very familiar with Stack Up (I ran a charity stream in 2019 for it) and the PC Vetrofit builds but I was hesistant to apply for a while. I hope I am considered since my day to day revolves around my PC and connecting with my community is my number 1 priority. If I win a PC, I plan on rotating any workable parts from my current PCs to one and use the new PC to game from (Frankenstein PC will be for streaming). Thank you for reading my story and I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks, Andre, for reaching out to us. Thank you for fundraising as well. We've known a few folks who hesitate for our programs because they tell themselves, "someone else deserves it more." We want everyone to tell that voice that you deserve it too. As Veterans, we're all dealing with different problems out there, and we're all equally deserving of support. That said, Andre was selected for one of our Hundred Heroes crates which we send out during the winter holiday in the hopes of making someone's holiday amazing. Here was his reply:

My PC is here and all set up. I am so thankful for you guys and stackup. I was so nervous my old pc would break while I was mid semester in school and while trying to stream. Now with my new PC I don't have to worry about that for a long time. This will also be my first time ever using peripherals this nice and gaming over 60 FPS. Thank you for making my year! I attached a few pictures (i live alone so it was a little hard to take pictures)

We hope you do well in college and that the new PC lasts you through. Thanks, Andre, for applying! Zironicdk sponsored Andre's crate. Zironic joined us during our Call to Arms Live event in 2021, raising money for crates like this one and more!

Looking for ways to help empower Veterans and Active Duty service members through the power of gaming? Stack Up has many volunteer opportunities. Hit that red button below to learn more!

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