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PAX West: HeadUp Games Publishing Launches Ambitious Sci-fi RPG Everreach: Project Eden September 20

Humans are all destined to leave Earth at some point, if not this lifetime, then certainly in the next few lifetimes. People were never meant to stay on Earth for long, and when the opportunity arises, the most brilliant scientists spearheaded the Eden project. Eden is destined to be a better, more sustainable home for humans. As the Earth crumbles, Eden becomes a new beacon of hope for humanity. All hell breaks loose, however, when Eden comes under attack.

Everreach: Project Eden is an ambitious new 3rd-person sci-fi RPG published by Headup Games and developed by Elder Games. It is inspired by games like Mass Effect and movies like Star Trek: Beyond. In the game, planet Eden is in peril of destruction and it’s up to the protagonist, Lieutenant Nora Harwood, to secure the planet and investigate the mysteries that threaten the colonization project. Players will explore an entire planet using their high-speed Zeus hoverbike, engage in tactical combat with their trusty robot companion, and investigate the deep and ancient lore of planet Eden. Players can expect a thrilling adventure filled with danger, strategy, and wonder.

A short demo of Everreach: Project Eden was presented at PAX WEST and it demonstrated what to expect in the game.  The demo began with a small combat segment, involving drones and enemy soldiers. Players pilot Nora who uses her energy rifle and sidearm, both of which felt strong and reliable, to defend herself against enemy forces. After the first sequence, the demo went into a section that introduced me to several characters and a robotic companion that will accompany players along their journey. The game also contained interesting dialogue that is often humorous but keeps a firm tone. For each conversation, there were multiple dialogue options for players to explore as well, but for the sake of the demo, the options were limited. The last section of the demo had me evading a large gunship that attempted to destroy Nora. The chase was simple, prompting me to avoid the incoming volleys of fire from the gunship, but the music and voice work kept me invested. The demo concluded when I entered a cave for refuge. When I entered the cave, it played the trailer to the game.

Based on the trailer and the demo, the game reminds me very much of the sci-fi epic movie, Oblivion, starring Morgan Freeman and Tom Cruise, in which Earth has been essentially transformed, following a massive war with an alien species. Tom Cruise’s character was a security agent sent to investigate the alien activity, as well as protect humanity’s interests. The film featured an amazing soundtrack by French band M83 and featured a remarkable story with stunning visuals. Everreach: Project Eden strikes me as a similar game, in which we have a skilled female soldier, Nora Harwood, facing a strange enemy and uncovering a vast story. I am excited to play Everreach: Project Eden when it comes out this fall.

Everreach: Project Eden will have the following features.

  1. Customize your skills and gear through a classic skill tree with over 80 upgrades

  2. Engage in tactical battles, deploy forcefields or use the environment against your foes

  3. Immerse yourself in 8 hours of story from Michelle Clough, game writer, and former narrative QA for the Mass Effect trilogy

  4. Explore Eden’s beautiful vistas designed by Mai-Anh Tran, an artist who worked on movies such as Warcraft and Star Trek: Beyond

  5. Hop onto your hoverbike to engage in high-speed vehicular warfare

  6. Designed to be played with mouse and keyboard or gamepad

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