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PAX WEST 2018 – Salt And Sanctuary Switch Impressions, Physical Edition Arrives 10.30.18

Originally released in 2016, Salt And Sanctuary by Ska Studios has been an incredibly endearing video game. The passion project of married couple James and Michelle Silva, the Dark Souls-inspired sidescrolling action adventure title has challenging and enthralled players for several years, garnering critical and commercial acclaim. It even caught the attention of our very own Founder, Captain Steven Machuga (@ShanghaiSix). For a full review, you may find it here.

Having played the game myself on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, I am very familiar with Salt and Sanctuary. While Souls-inspired it’s mysterious atmosphere and well-illustrated design created a game all of its own. The game featured character designs that were reminiscent of a children’s book, but complete with dark forms and color. The gameplay felt responsive, but with weight, and the enemies were quite challenging. It was a game that was challenging, and even painful, but something that couldn’t be put down, once it sunk its teeth into you. Once I heard that Salt And Sanctuary was heading to the Nintendo Switch, I knew I had to check it out.

Salt And Sanctuary

Dan Leedman of Leedman Studios was at PAX WEST to demonstrate the game on Nintendo’s momentous hybrid console. His own studio, Leedman Studios, is currently working on a limited physical release of the game. Taking this opportunity, I decided to check the game out for myself on the Nintendo Switch in Handheld mode. The results were quite astounding.

Salt and Sanctuary on Switch was nearly identical to the PlayStation 4 version of the game. It had a higher framerate, more detail, and more effects. By comparison, the PlayStation Vita version, while an absolutely fantastic port of the entire game, was played at a steady, but slower framerate than its big console brother. I traversed the first sections of the first stage and found the controls to be incredibly responsive. I was able to slash monsters with my sword, and hear that familiar, satisfying crunch. The environments looked clear and bright, to an extent, and the smallest details, such as the particles from decomposing enemies, were there. This was essentially the PS4 port of the game, making this a fantastic entry for those who wish to double-dip or experience Salt and Sanctuary for the very first time.

As for the physical launch of Salt and Sanctuary, Dan Leedman enthusiastically detailed what the game will comprise of. Coming on October 30th, the limited physical un of Salt and Sanctuary on The Nintendo Switch will be called Salt & Sanctuary: Downed Tome Edition. he Down Tome Edition will contain a download code for the soundtrack of the game, the game itself, and a double-sided poster revealing a world map on side 2 and an illustrated image of one of the game’s bosses on the other. With physical game releases seeing newfound importance in an increasingly digital gaming world, seeing a physical release for such a unique and praised game is quite exciting to see.

Salt and Sanctuary is now available on the Nintendo eshop. Salt and Sanctuary Drowned Tome Edition will launch on October 30th. 2018

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