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pax south 2017 air assaults experience

This past PAX South 2017 was, as always, a fabulous extravaganza of video gaming fun! We here at Stack-Up had the great honor of spending it in the company of two remarkable individuals, Mary and James, our PAX South 2017 Air Assaults.

Air Assaults

We sat down to chat with these two about their experience in San Antonio at PAX South and now we would like to share that with you. Sit back and hit play as we experience the magic of PAX through the eyes of these two amazing veterans!

We are thrilled that Mary and James had such a great time during the Expo! Thanks to all of the wonderful vendors and developers who helped make this experience extra amazing for our Air Assaults.

We also want to thank all of the excellent streamers, supporters, and donors who help to make it possible for Stack-Up to continue our mission of helping active duty service members and veterans through gaming.

If you want to help us bring more awesome veterans to great events like PAX South, you can help us #StackTFUp and support future Air Assault missions by visiting the link below. Please help us help these vets out here:

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