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PAX EAST highlight Othercide launching July 18th

At PAX EAST this past March, Focus Home Interactive had a whole bunch of games being showcased, including Hard Space Ship Breaker and Insurgency Sandstorm. Among the most unique at the event was Othercide. This game is a gothic horror tactic turn-based game themed to the dark and the supernatural. This week, developer Lightbulb Crew and Focus Home Interactive were proud to announce the release date for the dark tactical RPG. Othercide is launching sooner than we think, as it is locked in for a launch day of July 28th, 2020. Additionally, a Nintendo Switch version is coming later this Summer. AS summertime is a great time to dig into new RPG’s, Othercide comes at a perfect time.

As explained earlier, Othercide is a dark tactical RPG that put the light and darkness of humanity in a conflict that puts the world at risk. You are among The Daughters, beings of great light and strength, birthed from the pools of some of the greatest warriors of humanity. The forces of suffering and death threaten everything, and The Daughters are tasked with protecting the light. In a tactical turn-based experience that combines the likes of X-COM to the haunting settings of games such as Bloodbourne, The Daughters use violence to vanquish the forces of sin. I had the opportunity to check the game out at PAX EAST back in March, where I greatly enjoyed what the game had to offer. The visuals were striking and leave a remarkable impressions, especially with the use of Black and white on red. The combat was challenging, but beautiful to look at. Othercide uses a dynamic timelines system to better plan, predict, and execute enemies. During my time with Othercide, I was able to successfully outmaneuver and defeat enemies, predicting their strategy and making the necessary adjustments. The attacks, coupled with the presentation, gave the game a strong initial impression, but it was in defeat that Othercide separates itself.

In X-COM, a soldier that dies is dead for good, along with all the experience gained in fighting and combat. In Othercide, I came across a mammoth beast I had no hope in winning against. My sisters fell, but in their downfall, new ones emerged with new, unseen powers. Following along their ancestors, the slain warriors are reborn, only to face an ever growing threat. This new mechanic doesn’t make Othercide necessarily easier, as the game adapts to the player’s tactics, as well as the fact that the enemy grows stronger as well.  My time with Othercide was bittersweet and brief but all the more enjoyable! The world and gameplay have me greatly intrigued for what looks to be one of the sharpest tactical RPGS to come out in 2020. For persons itching for a new tactical RPG, Othercide may be what they are looking for.

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