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PAX EAST: Action Sidescroller Foregone now available on Epic Games Early Access

They say that you can be done with the past, but the past isn’t done with you. In moments where there are bad memories standing in front of you, it might just be preferred to punch it in the face. Developer and publisher Big Blue Bubble has announced a special new game that puts players headfirst against an ancient enemy, but also, the very memories of the past that have been buried for so long. Arriving exclusively to Epic Games Early Access is Foregone, an action sidescroller where players punch and fight the present, as well as the past.

The city of Calagan, having enjoyed a prosperous era of peace, is ravaged by an ancient enemy, known as The Harrow. As an arbiter, you are an elite warrior, expertly capable in the fields of combat, from ranged weapons to martial arts. The Harrow are unlike any enemy ever faced. The Harrow reanimated the deceased, through their dark arts and magic. However, The Harrow of unexpectedly reawakened long-buried memories of a past that once belonged to you. Through the honor of combat, and the quest to liberate Calagan, a past shall emerge, bringing forth an entirely new fight to which to wage.

I played Forgone at PAX EAST and came away greatly intrigued. The game strikes a balance between firm, but fair, as the dodge button will negate enemy attacks, but your ranged weapons contain a finite amount of ammunition. Speeds and close-range combat are essential to gaining healthy pickups and ammunition from fallen enemies. The enemies are bizarre and grotesque, making their attacks and weak point unpredictable. The controls, while taking getting used to, were sharp, and responsive. When I found myself failing at slaying an enemy, I discovered it was my skill that needed to be re-worked,  and I needed to use the dodge move rather than using brute force all the way through.

Foregone arrests players with striking visual imagery. The backgrounds feel lived-in, with depth and scrolling. The colors and shadows evoke a kingdom that was once beautiful and utopian but fallen into ruin. The main character, the Arbiter, appears as a dimensional character, with a 2.D portrayal. Her uniform, with her bright blue, is in stark contrast to the darkness and fire of the level around her. The enemies evoke different shades of purple and yellow, evoking their darkness and evil. Between the sharp sound effects and presentation, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the classic Earthworm Jim, and Vectorman, both games with similar styles but very different from Forgeone. Feeling that familiarity was exciting, as it harkened back to a different era for video games, but also, got me excited for a new take in the classic genre of side-scrolling action adventure.

I came away from Foregone incredibly impressed. The world is captivating, the combat is engaging, and the enemies are deadly. Perhaps the biggest note to take will be how the game will be compared to the titles of today. the biggest comparison that many may draw is Dead Cells. The protagonist of both games are styled very differently but do have similarities. However, it is is important to note that the two games could not be any more different and that each game has its world and gameplay mechanics. Where Dead Cells is an action-packed roguelike, Foregone is a grand adventure with a narrative-driven adventure and a special gameplay system is a hybrid between an action-platformer and a looter. The look and feel are vastly different, and the overall gameplay and momentum are extraordinarily distinct. While Foregone finds itself in Early Access with a long roadmap ahead, I cannot wait to dive into this vastly incredible world and learn more about The Arbiter’s past.

Foregone is now available on Epic Games Early Access, with a planned release in 2020. Other platforms, such as consoles, are in the planning phases but nothing has been announced.

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