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PAX EAST 2018: Fight Aliens With You Mind In Destination Primus Vita

Destination Primus Vita

No one can just take something that isn’t theirs, no matter how desperate the situation. When aliens seize the Earth and take the entire water supply, humans are left to suffer. Humans cannot live without water, and soon, the civilizations of Earth begin to implode. it’s been 100 years since that dreadful event occurred. Now, the future of humanity lies within crew 121, a collection of scientists that will travel the stars to take back their water. From Epsilon Games comes Destination Primus Vita, a combat experience without weapons, but a single tool and that is the power of your mind. For those attending PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts, the game will be available to play at booth 16111

Destination Primus Vita is a puzzle-solving adventure game that has players battle for the survival of humanity with their wits and intelligence. In the game, players embark on an important mission, tasked with taking the Earth’s water back. Even with the fastest starship possible and the latest in interstellar spaceflight, it will still take four years to make it to the alien homeworld. During the duration of the flight, the crew will be placed in cryogenic sleep, but their onboard ship A.I, NIM, will be running a special computer simulation during their sleep. The simulation will help prepare them for their mission, and the possible scenarios they will encounter when they arrive at their target. These puzzles will be individual stories that will require the crew to interact with each other, stimulating their cognitive intelligence as well as their emotional intelligence.

Destination Primus Vita will be arriving for PC and Mac. The game does not have information regarding consoles or a release window at this time.

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