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PAX EAST 2018: Another Indie Brings Forth Sinner: Another Sacrifice, coming April 25th 2018

Sinner: Another Sacrifice

There is no victory without sacrifice. There is no achievement without participation. But when a massive, hulking monster bears down on you, you may ask yourself, ” What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve victory? What will you do to survive?” From UK- based publisher Another Indie comes a game where sacrifice is much more than a word. This is Sinner: Another Sacrifice, a Dark-Souls inspired game that will ask players to fundamentally give up parts of themselves to win terrifying battles. Sinner: Another Sacrifice is an action Souls-like game, created by veterans game designers from Konami and Blizzard. The game is arriving on April 25hth, but for those lucky enough to be attending PAX EAST, the game will be playable at Booth #21117 , the Another Indie Booth.

Ever since Demon Souls launched in 2009, many games have attempted to emulate the hallmarks of what the aforementioned franchise achieved. Some of those hallmarks include brutal challenge, patient combat, and the willingness to keep trying, switching tactics and abilities to slay an enemy that is easily more powerful than you.  Games, such as Necropolis and The Surge, have done this to successfully, but SInner: Another Sacrifice will turn the tables. The notion of RPG’s is to get stronger by fighting enemies, level up until you can fight the more challenging foes that are set before you. In Sinner, players will level down after each fight, sacrificing stats and abilities with each passing battle.

Players play as a young, tortured soul, named Adam. Adam has no recollection of his memories. WHo he is, what he is, and what brought him here are lost in the void. To reclaim his memories, he must fight several deadly monsters across a twisted realm. The first battle will be easy as Adam fully strengthened with his skills as a warrior. However, to truly defeat the foe before him, Adam will sacrifice a part of himself. He will regain a lost memory but at the cost of essential offensive and defensive capabilities. This will make each sequential battle that much harder for the player. By the end of the game, players will fight face an absolutely fearsome foe with very little fighting ability. With tight combat and a twisted tale of redemption, set against Dante’s Inferno-inspired world, expect Sinner: Another Sacrifice to be a challenge.

Sinner: Another Sacrifice will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 25h, 2018.

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