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It has been a year since we entered the club with murderous intent in Party Hard. Those dang kids just couldn’t keep their music down so they all had to die but what if there was another option? What if somehow all this murder and mayhem could have a different outcome? If you can’t beat them, join them in Party Hard Tycoon.

Just announced and being shown hands on for the first time at Gamescom, Party Hard Tycoon allows you to create and run your own nightclub. From the layout to the theme, security, and refreshments, everything will be up to you. With a new updated engine, the folks at Tiny Build promise a more accurate AI for the crowd with even more hilarity sure to unfold.

Much like the original Party Hard, Tycoon will also have some excellent Twitch integration and of course Tiny Build is looking to stress test these features with some fantastic twitch streamers. Players are currently able to sign up for the games Alpha so make sure to head on over there to get your name on the guest list for the biggest party this year.

The footage in the trailer already looks like a lot of fun. It is certainly an interesting idea to spin off a game like Party Hard into the Tycoon management genre, but it could pay off big. I am super curious behind the meaning of the game being set in the Party Hard “world”? Perhaps that means defending our parties against murderous rampages.


Time will, of course, tell all and we will just have to wait for the full release to get all the info. We will get a chance to see Party Hard Tycoon in person at PAX West in just a few weeks so stand by right here as we bring your our first hands-on impressions and all the details available. Until then, Party Hard and don’t get caught!

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