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Party Hard 2 – Alpha 3 Available Now

Party Till They Drop in Party Hard 2: Alpha 3 Available Now!

Anything can happen in the heat of a party…even murder. TinyBuild’s Party Hard 2 follows the gruesome 8-bit humor of its predecessor, this time with a few new mechanics so you can really let loose. With the game’s third Alpha recently released, Stack-Up decided to check out this hilarious mix of death and dubstep.

Much like the first game, Party Hard 2 tests your stealth and timing by (literally) getting away with murder. Witnesses and wandering party-goers will call the police immediately after finding one of your victims. You’ll have to watch and wait for the right time to strike, and then find a place to hide the corpses. With any luck, you just might get a target to take the fall for you!

The game adds on to the original’s formula by focusing your mayhem on specific targets. Instead of killing everyone at the party, you must pick off drug dealers, handlers, and bikers out of the bystanders. You won’t get penalized if you stab an onlooker or two, but piling up corpses could make your job a lot harder. Imagine trying to kill a drug dealer with a dozen cops roaming the club!

Party Hard 2 Alpha Screenshot Club

While you won’t find many items lying around in the current Alpha, the fact you get three item slots (knife excluded) proves you’ll get to kill folks in creative ways in the completed product. On top of new items and power-ups, you can now locate targets and other persons of interests with your “Killer Instinct.” This Eagle Eye-like ability highlights also any useful objects lying around.

Aside from your trusty kitchen knife, you’ll find plenty of ways to get the job done. Poison the alcohol to deliver a subtle strike, or short-circuit the loudspeakers to kill crowds with a bang. Trespass through a smuggling tunnel to hop from one side of the map to the other, avoiding detection. Use your ultimate technique to go on a rampage, killing everyone in a small radius from you. Of course, don’t forget to bust a move on the dance floor; even psycho killers ought to party once in a while!

The current Alpha includes three levels and shows that the game has taken a strong step towards completion. The developers plan to release at least three more Alphas this year, before releasing the game on Steam in 2018. Pre-purchases of Party Hard 2 include access to all Alphas as they’re released. The pre-purchase also provides fans with a Collector’s Edition of the completed game, which includes the original soundtrack for all Party Hard 2’s toe-tapping beats!

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