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Overload – The Spiritual Successor To Descent Now Available


What’s old is new again, and the classics are coming back. Crash Bandicoot is back. Spyro The Dragon is returning in September. Beyond Good and Evil is getting a sequel. And the first-person shooter classic Decent has returned in the form of Overload.

After several years in development and following a successful Beta test, Revival Productions’s has released Overload, the spiritual successor to Decent. The game is now available on Steam, which also features VR support for those who want true immersion in the game.

In 1995, Matt Toschlog and Mike Kulas co-founded Parallax Software, the house that built a revolutionary new first-person Descent. Descent was a sci-fi first-person shooting experience where didn’t fight on the ground but in a specially modified interstellar starfighter.

As a mercenary hired by a shady corporation, their objective was to explore the solar system, infiltrating massive terrestrial bases and destroying everything inside. A mysterious computer virus has infected many bases and facilities owned by the corporation, converting the service machines into deadly combat robots.

The game emphasized the following acronym, 6DOF, or the 6 Degrees of Freedom. Players could pilot their ship in any direction in a zero-g environment, which was essential for exploration and survival. Within these bases, players would explore mysterious caverns filled with dangerous robotic threats. The goal was to destroy the bast by knocking out its main reactor, then, hopefully, escape before the base explodes.

The ship was equipped with a variety of weapons, from lasers to mines to rocket pods. The original experience was an incredible thrill, as well as a revolutionary title with sharp gameplay and stellar presentation. It leads to many games to be inspired The franchise went on for several very successful installments and faded into video game history.

However, a few years ago, the original team met-up again, tossed ideas and thoughts and decided the best thing to do was get back to the place where they belonged. Several years later, the end result is Overload, the spiritual successor to Descent.

Overload is a robust full-fledged first-person space shooter with incredibly fast gameplay, sharp visuals, and an intense experience set behind massive space-based labyrinths. Much like its predecessor, Overload will take players into massive mazes, filled with various degrees of hallways, rooms, and secrets. A massive robotic menace threatens humanity and it’s up to you to wipe them out.

Through slick, 60frames per second gameplay, players will pilot their ship in various directions wielding state-of-the-art weapons to combat the alien robot scourge. Once again, players will be given the 6DOF once again, allowing players to yaw, roll, and move their craft in various ways.

Players can expect a multitude of enemy types and bosses, as well as a solid challenge across the game’s 15 single player missions. When players are done, Overload’s multiplayer component, as well as a range of challenge modes await. With a level editor planned for later, along with a long-term plan for content updates, Overload is looking to be a return to form from an experienced studio, as well as be a great experience for all types of players.

Overload is out now on Steam, with the console launch to follow in the 3rd quarter.

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