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one troll army review

One Troll Army is an interesting creature. The premise of the game has you playing as the titular troll and true to the game’s name you are an army of one. You stand guard over a goblin camp and must use your strength to defeat the rampaging hordes that attack in ever increasing numbers.

Your protection over the goblin encampment doesn’t end with simply smashing things with your fist. You will also be tasked with upgrading and maintaining the goblin fort. You will unlock such things as better walls and towers that can aid in battle. You can add a tavern which will allow you to recruit orcs who can join in the fight.

One Troll Army

Through all of this, you will manage your squad of goblin workers and assign them to tasks whether that be gathering wood, building structures, or repairing the walls from the last battle. Your goblin workers will also be responsible for gathering the loot from your fallen foes.

You will also be upgrading your trolls basic attacks as well and expanding your abilities in combat. This is actually represented through gear upgrades that are visible on your troll avatar.

The whole thing comes together in a very nice package. The frantic battles are offset by even more frantic resource juggling as the next wave is always around the corner. You will quickly find yourself wishing for more time but One Troll Army will keep the action coming!

One Troll Army

There are a lot of decisions to make as you upgrade not only the fortress but also your character and need to balance the resource gathering with repairs and other tasks. However the game allows a sort of soft reset for failing a wave and you are able to continue on if your troll should perish minus any loot you would have collected.

There is also a neat hook that involves letting a Twitch Chat Room control the incoming enemy attackers. Through commands, the chat participants can direct the enemy forces and try to split your attention. This added feature is sure to make it a popular community building tool in any twitch streamers arsenal.

All in all One Troll Army is a pretty good time. The game has some depth into the later stages as it keeps building upon itself with more and more upgrades. The combat of controlling your Troll is satisfying as you slam and toss foes about. The best thing is, is that it is free to play and you can head on over to steam and try it out for yourself!

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