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Omensight – A Time-Traveling Action Adventure Epic

Two years ago, Montreal-based Spearhead games released the critically acclaimed action-adventure Stories: Path of Destinies, a game that changed the genre and gave players an engaging and unexpected fantasy experience.  Now, the team has announced their latest game that is looking to change how we perceive time-travel, fate, and epic fantasy in the form of the new title, Omensight.

It is the end of the Kingdom of Urralia, and that end comes in the form of death and destruction to its anthropomorphic inhabitants. Its leaders and citizens lay slain upon the ground as their city burns to ash. However, a mysterious figure stands alone among the ruin, emitting a glowing blue hue. It is clear he is not of this world, but he has the power to change it.


This figure is known as The Harbinger, a warrior that exists outside of time. The Harbinger has witnessed the Kingdom’s end and has been summoned to rewrite fate itself. The Harbinger will jump across time, interact with different characters, and make critical choices that will change fate itself.

Omensight puts players into the unique role of being an agent of time. Players will be interacting with a variety of different characters as they investigate the causes of the cataclysm. Players will be engaging with generals, sorcerers, politicians, and other leaders. Every choice made will determine the outcome of the Kingdom. It is up to you, the player, whether you choose to fight with them or against them.

When the moment calls for combat, players will be encouraged to wield their sword, as well as their mysterious time-manipulating powers, to slay foes. Your most important ability is the Omensight, a power that grants the user to weave a new narrative. With this power, players will be able to build a brighter future for the kingdom or bring it closer to destruction.

For players familiar with Stories: Path of Destinies, Omensight will be another exciting and familiar entry from the studio. Recently, Omensight was shown at PAX SOUTH in San Antonio Texas, with many players giving positive feedback on the game’s mechanics, as well as its presentation.

Omensight will be coming sometime in 2018. it has been officially announced for PC with console versions being unannounced, but expected.

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