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objects in space pax west preview

Space is an awfully big place, so naturally, it’s a pretty bad ordeal, should your spaceship malfunction. Far from Earth, there is no social order or justice system in place. In addition to the hazards and risks poised in space, there is a relentless sense of self-interest, in the form of pirates and mercenaries. With no way to call for help, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. From Australia-based Flat Earth Games comes Objects in Space, a game that puts you in the role of captain of your very own vessel.

In Objects In Space, your ship suffers a hyperdrive failure. No longer able to travel faster than light, your ship maintains its course to a colonial star system deep in space. You arrive a significant time later and now must look after yourself against hostile forces, as well as the hazards of space phenomena. The game is a simulator, which will require players to properly prime their weapons, as well as manage a variety of critical internal systems, such as propulsion and shields.

Players who have played the earliest builds of the game have described Objects In Space, like the submarine simulator game, Silent Hunter. That particular simulator series, which began in 1996, require players to be smart in their decisions as submarine captain, as they investigate reports, recon enemy positions, and cautiously decide to strike warships while maintaining stealth. As the gameplay footage above shows, the similarities are present, but nonetheless exciting, as the game puts you at your own helm, giving the sensation of the being a real Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

The game will be playable at PAX WEST 2016. A special bonus for visitors is the opportunity to play with custom controllers, specifically built by the studio for the game. Check out Flat Earth Games’ other titles, such as Metrocide and TowerCraft, both available on Steam.

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