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nuclear horror thriller the bunker arrives in september

The world is a scary place today, but compared to the days of The Cold War, the world isn’t that bad. The Cold War, which ran from 1945-1990, was the most dangerous time in human history as it was the closest that humans came to self-made extinction. From the fiery ashes of Berlin, Germany, Soviet Russia, having achieved vengeance against Nazi Germany, began to secretly, and discreetly, secure various German scientists in the development of nuclear power and rocket technologies.

The United States, which also took down what was left of the Nazi party, initiated Operation Paper Clip, the procurement of top Nazi officers and research in the development of cutting-edge technologies. From that point on, both sides were locked into a Cold War, developing and testing various nuclear devices and military technologies to achieve complete power over the planet. The conflict lasted 45 years, fought on the fronts of information, spying, reconnaissance, espionage, and the public demonstrations of new, deadly weapons.

From this struggle, came the arms race, the manufacture of thousands of nuclear devices. In addition, there was the space race, the pursuit for new scientific explorations, including the moon. In 1990, when the Berlin Wall fell, the Cold War was essentially over. However, there are still haunting visions of what would happen should tensions boil over to the point of no return. Such a vision involves the newest game from Wales Interactive, the makers of Soul Axiom, and Splendy Interactive. This is The Bunker, a story-driven horror experience.

The Bunker begins during The Cold War. Tensions have ignited past negotiation and the nuclear bombs have fallen. In London, nuclear explosions are imminent and royal military forces have retreated into a massive bunker for protection, designed to sustain life for many years. As the bombs fall, your character is born and raised in the safety of the Bunker. However, after 30 years, you are the only one left alive. As a soldier, you are ordered to follow a routine that soon breaks down into a terrifying adventure for survival.

In The Bunker, players are thrust into a horrifying survival tale, where every decision counts and the unknown lurks around every corner. Is the Earth still scorched? Do nuclear monsters roam the wasteland? Has society rebuilt itself? These are questions that your character, John, must discover in the depths of the Bunker. Players will have to do what is necessary to survive. The game can be compared to TellTale Games, The Walking Dead series, as well as other games, such as Life Is Strange. Players will make choices and see those choices act out in real-time.

The most unique attribute of The Bunker is that this is a video game that hardly uses any video game graphics. In fact, the entire game is live-action, like an AMC television series. No UNREAL engine. No FROSTBITE engine. The entire game was filmed at an actual nuclear bunker located in England, that was manned by Royal Defense Forces in England at the time. The team is emphasizing this unique feature view and will not be using CGI.

The Bunker is slated for release on playStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Septemeber, however an exact day how not yet been locked in. Follow Stack Up, Wales Interactive, and Spelunky Interactive for more information.

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