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Northgard – PAX East 2017 Interview

Vikings have been experiencing a bit of a resurgence in our pop culture zeitgeist of late. Movies, and Television have found the stories of these North Men ripe for tales of adventure and conquest. Gaming itself has seen its fair share of Longboats and Ax-wielding heroes. Northgard however wants to get a bit more strategic in its offering.


Using the Viking Age as its backdrop Northgard plunges you into a strategy filled campaign with various victory conditions that will require a keen hand at balancing the games various resources. This past PAX East we had the chance to chat with Nicolas from Shiro Games about Northgard and what kind of exciting gameplay and features we can expect.

Thanks so much Nicolas for taking the time to chat with us. Northgard certainly has us excited to carve out our own Viking Legacy. The game is currently on Steam in Early Access so you can check it out for yourself right now!

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