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Nintendo Switch

It seems like it’s been an eternity since Nintendo unveiled the Switch – the hybrid portable-console we were all anticipating late last year.  They won’t say much else on the device until January 13th, where a Nintendo Switch event will talk up the price, the launch line-up, and the future of the Switch.

Laura Kate Dale’s been on the forefront of these rumor mills, and she’s been hitting the mark fairly frequently. Her first tip is a far cry from what she previously reported – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will in fact launch with the Nintendo Switch this March. Given that information can change in a short manner when it’s unannounced, Dale’s bound to be proven wrong a little bit of the time. That being said, her track record is better than most, and with the event coming so soon, it seems more likely that we’ll be playing Breath of the Wild within the next few months.

Contrary to my past report on BOTW release date it is 100% coming at Switch launch in North America in March. Have seen finalised materials. ”” Laura Kate Dale (@LaurakBuzz)

That isn’t even the biggest bomb-shell. Dale also reports that Mother 3 will officially be released on the Nintendo Switch Virtual Console in “Q2 2017”. With Nintendo localizing Mother 1 in EarthBound: Beginnings, it’s clear that Mother 3 was on the horizon, and it may be within our grasps in a timely manner.

Mother 3 VC Switch Q2 2017. Will be announced Jan 12 event. ”” Laura Kate Dale (@LaurakBuzz)

There are only a few weeks left before this rumor mill gets proven true or false.

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