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nintendo bringing childhood back

This holiday season you may see a blast from the past sitting on store shelves as Nintendo has revived its quintessential machine. The original NES will be back in action, though much smaller and with the games actually built in. The NES Classic Edition will be hitting stores this November with a price tag that is a bit easier on the wallet when it first came out, $59.99 is all this retro gaming glory will set you back.

Also, remember how we said the games are built in? Well, there is a wealth of classic titles right on the machine and ready to go including…

  1. Balloon Fightâ„¢


  3. Castlevaniaâ„¢

  4. Castlevania II: Simon’s Questâ„¢

  5. Donkey Kongâ„¢

  6. Donkey Kong Jr. â„¢


  8. Dr. Marioâ„¢

  9. Excitebikeâ„¢


  11. Galagaâ„¢


  13. GRADIUSâ„¢

  14. Ice Climberâ„¢

  15. Kid Icarusâ„¢

  16. Kirby’s Adventureâ„¢

  17. Mario Bros. â„¢

  18. MEGA MAN® 2

  19. Metroidâ„¢


  21. PAC-MANâ„¢

  22. Punch-Out!! â„¢ Featuring Mr. Dream

  23. StarTropicsâ„¢

  24. SUPER Câ„¢

  25. Super Mario Bros.â„¢

  26. Super Mario Bros. â„¢ 2

  27. Super Mario Bros. â„¢ 3


  29. The Legend of Zeldaâ„¢

  30. Zelda II: The Adventure of Linkâ„¢

Quite an impressive list of games that most fans of classic gaming can appreciate. The downside is that you can not play any existing carts with the console, something other emulators often offer. Though still, the 30 games included in the box are some of the most highly recognized titles and should keep most fans happy.

The new system will connect to modern TV’s with an HDMI cable, so set-up should be swift and easy. The console also comes with one retro-styled controller which will also be able to be used with your Wii or WiiU. You can also connect the Classic Controller or the CC Pro to the retro machine, however, if your an old school purist you can pick up an additional stand alone classic NES pad for right around ten bucks.

What do you think? Are you ready to get your classic NES gaming on? Are the titles included with the system up to snuff? Sound off and let us know in the comments below!

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