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new xbox one experience is live

If you’ve been following the Xbox Preview Program, you’re already pretty familiar with the New Xbox One Experience, a sleek redesign of the Xbox One’s UI, not unlike the similarly-named update for the Xbox 360, way back in 2008. The “NXOE”–as Microsoft is referring to it–is a faster, simpler user interface that boasts a clean presentation and swift access to features like your friends, party chat, notifications, and more, all with a tap of the d-pad. There’s a lot more to the NXOE, which is why Microsoft has kindly incorporated tooltips to ease you into the new UI.

For some folks, the real draw of the New Xbox One Experience is the return of backwards compatibility to Microsoft’s game console family. While the list is currently rather small, a breadth of Xbox 360 titles, ranging from Gears of War 3 to South Park: The Stick of Truth (you can view the full list here) have come to the system, running on emulated Xbox 360 hardware. It’s a very impressive feat that even features full DLC support, the Xbox 360 userguide (accessed by pressing the “view” and “menu” buttons simultaneously–you’re welcome) and all its features, and multiplayer with Xbox 360 users. If you’re looking to return to Sera for some Horde 3.0, but don’t have an Xbox 360 anymore (much like me), then today’s the day when you can start doing that.

The New Xbox One Experience is rolling out for users as you read this, so if you’ve got an Xbox One that’s been on standby all day, now’s the time to boot it up and check out what’s new.

Source: Major Nelson

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