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Need For Speed Payback Releases Story-Trailer

For the first time in two years, EA Games are releasing a brand-new Need For Speed game in the form of Need For Speed Payback. The game, seen as a soft-reboot of the established franchise, seeks to change the formula of its predecessor, with a dedicated storyline, a variety of game modes, lots of action, and lots of licensed cars to drive. To celebrate the game’s impending release on November 7th, EA Games and developer Ghost Studios have released a story trailer, showcasing a quick sampling of what is to be expected.

Need for Speed

In Need For Speed Payback, a young vehicular crew unites once more in the name of vengeance. A ruthless drug cartel, known as The House, have targeted you, your friends, and your family, taking away the innocence of your life. To fight back, you and your team will infiltrate the world of underground races, earning credibility and respect across a multitude of events and missions to finally take down the House. Expect to evade police, hijack, trucks, and beta the opposition in insane races.  Need For speed Payback is succeeded by its 2015 predecessor, Need For Speed, which was a new iteration of the long-running racing franchise, specifically focusing on nighttime street-racing in a more realistic format.

Need For Speed Payback races near you on November 7th, for the PS4, PC,  and Xbox One.

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