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Modern Combat 5 – Review

Modern Combat 5

The Nintendo Switch has made tremendous strides since its launch in 2017, introducing new and exciting games to its software library. From tower-defense games like Defense Grid 2 to the high-stake intergalactic excitement of Starlink: Battle for Atlas, there is a wide and unique software library for the platform. However, there has not been a single Call of Duty game released for the system. in fact, there hasn’t been a military shooter released for the system in the 2 years since it has launched. There have been fictional shooters, such as DOOM and Wolfenstein, but for those looking to dispatch terrorists under the cover of night with an M4 carbine, no such title is available. Fortunately, Gameloft has answered those looking for such an experience with the release of Modern Combat: Blackout for the system. Making the leap from smartphones to Nintendo Switch, Modern Combat: Blackout creates a fun and engaging military shooter experience, made better with the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch.

For those that have played smartphones games, Modern Combat frequently comes to the top of most-played games. The game is a series of titles that have run on smartphones since 2009, continuing onward as smartphones got into the hands of more people. Over the course of 7 entries, the Modern Combat games have been celebrated for their sharp visuals, fantastic shooter gameplay, and immersive multiplayer. While celebrated by millions of players, some have criticized the franchise for being far too close in resemblance to Activision’s Call of Duty games. However, for its players and fanbase, Modern Combat is no mere imitation or carbon copy, offering a very different experience to players.

Modern Combat: Blackout takes place in the somewhat near future, a time of drones and futuristic weaponry, but also a time in which being good with a gun is important. A private-military corporation launches a massive attack on Japan and other regions. Only you and your team of special operators can fight back and save the world from this terrible threat. Players will take to the streets of various cities to fight back and defeat waves upon waves of enemies.

Modern Combat: Blackout will give players a plethora of missions to accomplish, from sniper cover to breaching and clearing, there is no shortage of activities to do. The main campaign, in particular, will have the player fight in various circumstances, from mounting machines gun to shoot down helicopters to disarming bombs and clearing out buildings. As the game takes place in a near-future, players can expect to use drones and other futuristic devices to fight and take down enemies. The campaign is varied and entertaining, as well as competitive. Players will want to keep playing to accomplish all secondary objectives and gain more experience. The more players play, the more access they will have to upgrade their weapons and camouflage.

The gunplay in Modern Combat: Blackout is sharp and fierce, and with the physical controls of the Nintendo Switch, the gunplay is better than ever. The gameplay is precise and refined, with proper feedback and reaction. Having played previous Modern Combat games on smartphones, moving from touch-screen to physical controls is welcome and refreshing. With the controls, the various actions sequences of the Modern Combat campaign feel better than ever, from spraying rooms with an SMG to nailing that difficult headshot from yards away.

Modern Combat: Blackout comes with online multiplayer, which included ranked and unranked matchmaking, as well as events. As ranking is tied to single player and multiplayer, it is highly recommended that players play the entire campaign and extra missions to rank their character up and stand their ground in online multiplayer. Doing so will unlike new weapons and attachments for Free-for-all and Team Deathmatch modes. With the versatility of the Nintendo Switch, an online battle can be waged anywhere, and after some time with it, I experienced no problems. While the shooting gameplay may not be as twitchy as Call of Duty, the weapons and their feedback are rewarding. This makes the multiplayer experience solid and worth your time, if not incredibly varied and robust.

Modern Combat: Blackout is a great package, but I couldn’ help want more from this supply drop of on-the-go goodness. While the game brings a military shooter experience to the Switch, sporting the same fantastic presentation that made the game famous on smartphones, I would have wanted a bevy of additions for the game, which would have included more game modes, multiplayer modes, and perhaps a campaign. Past Modern COmbat games featured other moments, such as an AC-130 Spectre gunship mission, very much inspired by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It would have been a nice benefit to have had that added here. Additionally, there was an opportunity to add modes, like Seek & Destroy, Bomb Defusal, and a Warzone mode. However, as it stands, there is only Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. However, Gameloft has pledged to offer support for the Switch version of Modern Combat: Blackout, leaving room for more enhancements and additions.

While not perfect, Modern Combat: Blackout offers a genuine Call of Duty-inspired experience for players on the Nintendo Switch. Its fantastic visuals, great gameplay, an assortment of missions will keep players entertained, and for those that crave online competition, the limited, but nonetheless, the fun multiplayer experience is thrilling. If you are one of those fortunate to have a Nintendo Switch, Modern Combat 5 is worth signing up for.

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