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Miitopa – Worth At Least A Second Glance

To say that I was not interested in Miitopia for the Nintendo 3DS upon reading the initial descriptions of the game would be a vast understatement. Another role-playing game, pitting good against evil in order to save a kingdom…how very cliché. I had at least a dozen of those already.

The downfall came one night after work, while I was half asleep and perusing the E-shop. Less than twenty minutes after acquiring the demo and the full game was in my system library. My biggest complaint is that Nintendo’s description did not do anything to give Miitopia the justice that it deserved.


The choices here are even more extensive. You not only get the already made choices for your party, you also get to choose from Miis that are in your friend’s list or Miis from Tamodochi Life if you have a saved file for that title. If none of these suit you, then you can simply create your own. You then get to assign classes to your party and these range from the typical thief, mage, and warrior and get more unusual as you progress to classes like cat and scientist.

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