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micro machines world series

For may decades, Hasbro brought us a long-running, highly successful toy line, featuring a large assortment of vehicles, from planes, cars, to spaceships. They were known as The Micromachines. Micromachines took the larger-than-life vehicles in our world, and movies then miniaturized them into cool playable toys. In particular were the incredibly popular Star Wars Action Fleet, a line of micro machines that took the star wars vehicles to scale and down-sized them, with accuracy and exciting features. Using our imaginations was always a fun time with micro machines, and now, UK developer Codemasters is set to bring those fantasies to life with Micromachines World Series.

Micro Machines World Series

Inspired by arena deathmatch games such as Twisted Metal, Micromachines puts players in an explosively fun world of micro action and micro destruction. Every familiar battleground, from the kitchen table to the bedroom, will become the new fighting grounds with which to fight and reign supremacy.

Details are scarce, but it will feature a variety of game modes and multiplayer mayhem. Players curious about this game may want to see a similar Micromachines game, currently available on iOS, as CODEMASTERS developed the game as well. Micro Machines World Series arrives in Spring 2017.

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