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merge vr pax south 2017 interview

Merge VR

Alongside all the amazing gaming software that covers the PAX South show floor you can find some of the newest, and coolest upcoming hardware. We had the chance to take a hands-on look at some interesting Virtual Reality devices that allow you to interact with VR in a new way.

Merge VR and the Holo Cube allow a new level of tactile immersion as the Holo Cube transforms before your eyes.

Check out the video below as our own Chris “The Game Case” Case has a chat with Merge VR’s Andrew Tricket to learn more about this VR experience.

Merge VR and the Holo Cube was certainly a unique experience. The tactile function of the cube as you move and turn it in virtual reality adds a new level of believability to the VR Space.

Thanks, Andrew and the folks at Merge VR for chatting with us during PAX South!. If you want to learn more about the Holo Cube make sure to stop by the website located HERE.

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