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Meet Stack Up's Writers

Curious about the folks behind reviews, Stack Up updates, and other gaming and mental health-related articles on the Stack Up blog? Here is our awesome team of volunteer writers. Click on their names to find all of their posts!

L. Sahara McGirt | DarthSagaSwag | Social Media Manager, Editor-in-Chief

Sahara has been playing video games since the age level of 5, when they were just tall enough to stand on a chair at the bowling alley and play games like Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and Space Invaders. They're a fan of any game that looks like it might be interesting. They've played 100s of games by now at level 30 and hope to die while gaming. As the Social Media Manager & EIC at Stack Up and a Navy Veteran, they have experienced how gaming can help Veterans and Active Duty Military members maintain their mental health.

Stephen Machuga | ShanghaiSix | Stack Up CEO, Game Reviews

Stephen, as the CEO of Stack Up, has long loved video games. You can check out his bio on the main Stack Up website here. While the rest of you may know him from his streams his presence at events, we here know him for his reviews in the latest game he got the chance to play. Whether he's talking about an indie that he found interesting or a AAA game, he loves to talk about games as much as he enjoys getting them into the hands of Veterans and Active Duty service members everywhere.

Roberto Nieves | Senior Writer | Game Reviews

Roberto Nieves is level 33, living and playing in Long Branch, New Jersey. He's been playing games since the days of using channel 3 and cartridges. He has played everything from the biggest games to the smallest title. Shooters, racing, strategy, he is wide open to different experiences. Every game has a unique story to tell and has had an impact on his life. Games have helped him find his best friends, discover parts of himself, and learn new things from different people. He has written for Marooners Rock, Dual Pixels, and Game Rant.

Laura Collins | Writer | Game Reviews

Laura, or "Blue," tends to write about games and mental health. Farming Sims and RPGs are usually her favorites, but she is a fan of most genres in some capacity. Writing for Stack Up became a way for her to help and to hope, and a light at the end of a tunnel in a darker period of her life.

Fernando Da Costa | Writer | Game Reviews

He's been reviewing games for close to a decade, with bylines across the interwebs. JRPGs are his absolute favourite. It’s a love that began as a kid, watching his dad play. He'll also die on the hill that Lunar needs a remake - "do it, cowards." His wallet dislikes him, but his credit card company sends him a muffin basket each year, so there’s that. When reviewing, he tends to pay too much attention to narrative as he loves a good story. As an aspiring author, he lives and breathes words. He considers the Nintendo Switch the best console due to its portability. He can usually be found playing it with a nice cup of coffee beside him - it’s an addiction.

Ad_Twindad | Writer | Military Life & Game Reviews

Growing up in Oklahoma, AD_Twindad has been a nerd forever. Never one to shy away from a new hobby, whether it be video games, Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer, 3D printing, and now streaming. He is also an avid sports fan, cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Braves. He joined the Air Force in 2008 as an aircraft maintainer and then retrained as a special mission aviator on the CV-22 Osprey and has been flying for 10+ years. After multiple deployments and several PCSs, the father of twins still enjoys the chance to play or stream after everyone has gone to sleep.

Chad Christian | Writer | Tabletop Gaming Coverage

Meet Chad Christian, a.k.a. TapRackBang. He's a USMC infantry Veteran. He loves gaming of all kinds, with tabletop games taking the centerpiece. He's been working with Stack Up since 2018 as the Dayton, Ohio Stack leader and recently began writing tabletop game reviews for us as well. Stack Up helped him greatly when he needed it most and continues to be a cause worth supporting.

Koin | Writer | Streaming Coverage

Koin has always loved writing and gaming, is a long-time advocate for mental health, and truly passionate about Stack Up. Some of her first loves were Yukon Trail and The Sims, and her love of written roleplay forums turned into a love of RPG video games. The Dragon Age franchise sits at the top of her list right now, though her recent obsession with Baldur's Gate 3 is giving it a run for its money! While not a service member herself, Koin's father and stepfather were both Marines in the Vietnam War, her husband is an Army vet, and she has other numerous friends and family in various branches of the military. Stack Up's cause hit home, and after her first fundraiser in 2021, she wanted to get more involved. Now, not only does Koin recruit and support other streamers with their events as part of the Influencer Relations Team, she also volunteers her time to help write up Streamer Spotlights to shine a light on some of the amazing streamers that have helped support what Stack Up does!

Junoh Seo | Reviewer | Games

Junoh Seo has a passion for both writing and video games. With over 300 games on his Steam account collected since 2013, he enjoys a wide range of genres and is eager to try out new games, but often finds himself coming back to a handful of his favorite titles. With Stack Up, he aims to combine two of his passions, producing written content that can appreciate the distinct storytelling of video games.

Doxology | Reviewer | Games

Donny Blankenship is a 30-something military veteran turned full-time variety streamer. After 12 years conducting Search & Rescue in the US Coast Guard left him with PTSD, he started using gaming as a therapeutic outlet. He spends his time delicately balancing a marriage of 15 years & being a dad to 7 kids with gaming and work. Donny doesn’t shy away from his testimony of faith in Christ as well as the role people can play in each other’s lives to bring a positive and encouraging impact. He works very hard to make every person he meets feel loved, valued, and never alone.

Brad Pietzyk | Writer | Mental Health

Brad Pietzyk served in the U.S. Army for nearly 15 years until he was medically retired due to mental health concerns at the rank of Major. Brad is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, Missouri University of Science and Technology, and the University of Southern California. Brad lives in comfort in Oregon with his wife and two children. He is an avid player of Final Fantasy 14, RPGs, and strategy games.

Robert "Bob" Bagby | Writer | Game Guides

Robert "Bob" Bagby, aka ZiplockBob, is a U.S. Army Logistical Veteran. His favorite games are JRPGs and Dynasty Warriors games. However, he prides himself on his mid-tier fighting game skills. He is the Chattanooga Stack Lead. Between all the number crunching and min-maxing in gaming, he decided to transfer those skills over to writing game guides to give other players an inside track to actually cleaning out their backlog.

Colla Triti | Writer | Streaming Coverage

Colla Triti's gamer name is a variation of Meok, completely dependent on the games she plays. She also writes under two pen names: LostInQueue for fanfiction and Colla Triti for original fiction, streaming articles on this site. She's an artist who has run her own business for the last eleven years. It seems like a lot, but the creative field is where she feels most at home. If she decides she can do it, she's ready and willing to take the steps and setbacks to get to her end result. For her, success lies in the journey. Everything she has her hands in is open-ended; there isn’t only one way to do whatever it is she's looking to do, and that brings her life.

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