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We’re in a transitionary phase in Hearthstone. Between an adventure, an expansion, and a format change on the way, the game’s in a generally good place. The League of Explorers brought a breath of fresh air to the two year old card game, but that doesn’t mean previous decks have been rendered null and void. With a few explorative tweaks, the Goblins vs. Gnomes standout Mech Mage is still a robotic force to be reckoned with. This is my take on the deck, so make other adjustments if you find it lacking in some way.

Brann Bronzebeard simply lets your minion’s battlecries activate twice. It sounds nominal, but it actually can really make or break certain deck archetypes. This deck incorporates battlecry minions such as Enhance-o-Mechano, Antique Healbot, and Dr. Boom. Enhance-o-Mechano randomly gives your other minions Divine Shield, Taunt, or Windfury, and with Bronzebeard, that happens twice. The odds of getting one of these abilities is doubled. Much of this deck incorporates these doubling mechanics (four Boom Bots instead of two, 16 health restoration instead of 8, etc.).


As good as he is, Brann Bronzebeard is just one card out of 30. You can’t solely rely on his power, so the common Mech Mage archetype of cheap mechs with great synergy are still viable. Annoy-o-tron, Mechwarper, Clockwork Gnome, Tinkertown Technician, these are all staples.

Another new card from the League of Explorers is the Gorillabot A-3. Taking advantage of the Discover mechanic, Gorillabot will let you choose from one of three random mechs. Rarer minions like V-07-TRON or Blingtron aren’t worth one of your 30 cards normally, but if your situation calls for that certain minion, go for it. Previously, Archmage Antonidas was used along with the Spare Parts spells to make a few Fireballs, but the mech synergy in my deck has seen better results.

Your opening hand should focus on what’s obvious – turn one drops. Get your Clockwork Gnome out there if you can, but also focus on early-game mech synergy. Mechwarper has great potential with Gorillabot, who you can play the very next turn and net a bonus mech. Making cheap mechs cheaper means you’re gaining board control earlier than your opponent in many cases. This can lead to early victories if you’re lucky enough to toss in Enhance-o-Mechano (with or without Bronzebeard).

This deck isn’t without its faults. Board presence is about all this deck has going for it, so a good Holy Nova or Hellfire can seriously grind your momentum to a halt. I tossed in two Ironbeak Owls just in case a larger threat with Taunt and/or Divine Shield shows up.

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