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Lost In Space – A Look Back and Forward

Lost In Space

by: Daniel Patterson

What’s up, everyone? Nightmare here. In this review, we are going to talk about Lost In Space. I am sure everyone remembers Lost In Space or at least remember the classic line the robot used to say:

“Danger, Will Robinson, Danger”

Lost In Space

Originally the series came out in 1965 and ran through 1968 when I was little (I was born in 1985) I recall vaguely watching the series, cannot go into specifics as it was eons ago.

So let’s jump a few years to Lost In Space: The Movie. The film came out in 1998 with a pretty solid cast.

I’ve spoken to a few people and a lot of people do not remember the original series but do remember the movie. A lot of those people grew fond of the movie for the sole reason the antagonist in the movie which is Doctor Smith (Gary Oldman) For me it was not so memorable, it did not grasp me as the new Netflix series did. If you’ve read my reviews before then you will know that going into in-depth reviews would spoil a lot of what I call “magic” the makers of these series want you to experience.

I’ve watched quite a few of the Netflix original series they have yet to disappoint. Their track record for providing quality programming is matched by very few.

Let’s begin, shall we? To sum up, my review before I start getting into what attracted me into the series as I watched episode after episode. Lost In Space is an adventure, throughout the whole series. From beginning to end I binged it couldn’t let go. I watched it twice IN A ROW before I started to string these words together. The characters grew on me, the cast on the series was perfect for their specific roles.

I tend to have a bit of impedance when it comes to caring for characters. For example one of the characters I was like “This guy is going to die, for sure” and was pleasantly surprised and relieved he did not. Not sure about you guys but that’s very rare for me. I usually am on point with that, being someone that usually figures things out early on in the series or movies.

As the story progressed I found some elements that were very intriguing for me. I am quite certain that the director of this series is a huge fan of James Cameron. There are several elements at play in the series that made me jump back to titles like Terminator 2: Judgement Day like when Will is teaching the robot, that was a very interesting exchange. Obviously, this happens in a lot of movies but none of those other movies where children specifically teach a more advanced sentient being how to be more “human” none of those other instances made me think of John Connor’s interaction with the Terminator.

Another example of this is some scenes of which I don’t want to give too much detail but they actually made me reminisce about the movie Aliens if you look closely you can spot the resemblance. I am sure there are many throwbacks like that but those two hit me very close because those are two of my all time favorites movies.

This new series has a very good delivery of audio, visuals and above all acting. As I stated earlier in the review. As well as touching on some very human things on a psychological and philosophical level. It holds a pretty huge “mirror to our humanity” The fact that they made the robot of alien origin and not something created by humans was pretty spectacular for a few reasons one being that they made him a soldier, carrying out a specific duty going into details on this would kind of spoil the story arch, so I am not going go to further into that.

One thing I grew enamored with was the robots design. Was he created? Was he born? How far in the second season are they going to expand on his background? I could really go into more details and find other things to talk about but the reality is that the mystery is part of the movie magic and if I were to expand on some points it might ruin the viewing magic as you sit and binge the series.

All in all, if you are a fan of science fiction then this is one series to watch. As I had stated earlier I watched the series twice in a row. First time around I didn’t watch the final episode. I did, however, watch it on my second run through and curious note to add is that even though I knew what was going to happen on my second run through I still felt the tension and the suspense. I do not think that this is going to be one of those series where it’s all in the extremes people hate it or people love it.

This is a series that has something for everyone, while it grew a bit more mature than the original series and the movie itself, it’s still enjoyable for children to adults alike. I do truly hope that those that watch it, watch it with wide eyes and don’t expect too much of the series, because this is, in my opinion, one to Netflix and chill. Thank you for those who read through this review, please feel free to share your thoughts on the comments below. Do you have any theories as to what’s going to happen in the second season?

Nightmare, out.

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