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  • Ashley Bergeron

Level Up: Amazon’s Spring Sale Unlocks Epic Deals for Gamers

The first Amazon Big Spring Sale is upon us and will be running hot from March 20th to the 25th. All deals are not created equal. Many products were sneakily marked up before the sale to make it look like you are getting a better bang for your buck. Don’t worry; I have vetted all of the products you will see here and made sure the deals are real. 

Allow me to introduce myself; I am Ash. My profession? Finance Pro. My nickname? Side Hustle Queen. My games: Harvest Moon DS, Fortnite, and Firewatch. You’ll learn all about me in future posts, but I am here to help with everything and anything finance-related. So, I decided my intro to Stack Up should be giving you the best deals on something we all have in common: gaming. 

We are going to dive straight into the big deals of the Amazon Big Spring Sale. I built a kit that will include every deal I think is worth your while. Throughout the sale, I will add to this collection, so check back into the kit daily for an update.

I am going to dive into my favorites and what is, so far, the best deals Amazon has to offer. Many more are uploaded to the kit for you to explore at your own risk; buying every deal and draining your bank account usually ruins the excitement of getting a steal.

Xbox is bringing its A-game with discounts on both Core and Elite Series 2 Wireless Controllers. While the discount varies by color, trust me, these are the prices to beat. My current obsession? The Astral Purple controller. And yes, one can never have too many controllers! 

The Big Spring Sale isn’t dubbed 'big' for nothing. Amazon’s slashing prices on electronics and the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro Tablet caught my eye - durable, under $100, and an extra 20% off with a trade-in. The case is included and meant to handle the hell children put their electronics through. From tablets to TVs, if you're tech-hungry, now's your chance.

Luna Cloud Gaming has been on my radar for good reason. With a Prime membership, you unlock a realm of gaming goodness. Ubisoft is jumping in on the Big sale and has marked all of its games down on the Luna platform. Titles like Monopoly and Assassin's Creed are just about free - a perfect excuse to explore Luna’s offerings. If you are already a Prime member or have a Luna subscription, exploring these discounts is a no-brainer.

Customization is my jam, and TessGo’s skins are the talk of my gaming setup. Easy to apply and visually stunning, these skins are a game-changer. My PS5 is wrapped in their Darth Vadar edition, which is incredible. The application is easy and comes with the console wrap plus two controllers. Heads up: I'm eyeing the console skins market for my next side hustle. Stay tuned!

All of Sceptre’s monitors are on sale for the Big Spring Deal. If you need a new monitor, mount, arm, or anything desktop-related, then the time is now. Spectre is not the only one with deals on PC essentials and accessories. The virtual shelves are brimming with deals on computer necessities.

My curated kit is loaded with deals, your gateway to savings. I’ll be refreshing it with hot finds until March 25th. Thrilled to be part of StackUp, I’m here to dish out finance tips and budgeting tricks and, of course, lead you to the best gaming deals out there. Happy gaming, and remember, the best deal is the one that brings you joy without breaking the bank!

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