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let them come pax west 2016 interview

The great thing about a publisher like Versus Evil, aside from the awesome indie game focus, is that their booth is always chock full of gaming goodness. While we spoke previously about Antihero we couldn’t resist checking out another title, Let Them Come.

Let Them Come

Francis from the Versus Evil team took time out of his busy convention schedule to have a chat with me about this new shooter coming out from Indie Dev, Klemen Lozar. Check out the video below to learn a bit more about Let Them Come!

Once again I want to thank Versus Evil, and Francis for chatting with me. Let Them Come already looks like great fun for fans of the shoot em up genre. The old school feel and charm will certainly appeal to those looking for something that hearkens back to the glory days of gaming.

You can follow along and learn more about the game HERE. You can check out Versus Evil and their other great titles at their website HERE.

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