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Last Encounter – A Final Battle to Defend Humanity at PAX East

Last Encounter

All options are expended. All the plans haven’t worked. Humanity will certainly go extinct. There is only one plan that can possibly be carried out. It’s controversial but powerful. It is confusing but wisely tactical. That plan is the scientific process of cloning.

From Croatia-based Exordium Games comes a special galactic combat experience where a four-man team of pilots will have to tap into cloning to save the last of the human race. This is Last Encounter, an intergalactic roguelike twin-stick shooter where players tap into cloning and endless weapons customization wage war in deep space. Exordium Games will be bringing their game to PAX EAST 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts. For those eager to try the game, the game will be in Booth 23115 on the show floor.

Last Encounter is a procedurally generated roguelike twin-stick shooter, where players will fight in diverse galaxy biomes in deep-space. The enemy is fierce and relentless, as they attack with a dangerous combination of biological and technological weapons. Players will be able to come across a variety of weapons, building their own fearsome combination of combat power to create the more fearsome weapon imaginable.

Using cloning, players will be able to replication themselves. They will still be vulnerable to death, but this process will give them an edge in battle. Players will travel to different sectors, defeating mini-bosses and bosses across various systems.

Each experience promises to be different as the roguelike mechanics and procedural generation changes the experience each time. Last Encounter will support local co-op as well.

Last Encounter will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in the second quarter of 2018.

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