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klang makes noise at pax west 2016

On the 6th floor of PAX WEST, tremendous bursts of bass and music were echoing, across from the We Love Fine Booth. Upon further investigation into the noise, I saw a booth, riddled in sights, sounds, and fluid color. As it turns out,  I came across a unique rhythm platforming video game by Tinimations, known as KLANG. While the name sounds simple, this game is about far more than just simply clanging items against each other. KLANG is a game about music, action, rhythm, and combat.

KLANG comes from the same house that brought players the charming side-scroller adventure, Teslagrad, as well as iOS and Android game, Story Warriors: Fairy Tails. In Klang, players take to the shoes of a dual-tune blade-wielding warrior, fighting to free himself from the lifeless shackles of Soundlord Sonus.


To do this, KLANG, as well as the players, will not just have to listen to music but to become one with the music.  Players will have to pay attention to a variety of audio and visual cues to successfully navigate levels, take down enemies, and eliminate intimidating boss fights. The developer emphasizes its separation from other music video games.  This is not a button-pressing, quick-time game, or anything akin to a game in the vein of Guitar Hero.

Accompanying this adventure is music from EDM artist, bLiNd, who has created the soundtrack for this game from the ground up. As heard in the trailer, the music is classic EDM, and reminiscent of 1990’s rhythms as well. The entire game is focused on the gameplay, with multiple levels, dozens of tracks, and a Nightmare mode difficulty to really put your best stuff on the dance floor. The soundtrack can be heard on Band Camp HERE.

KLANG is currently available on Steam.

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