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killing floor 2 launches blood carnage two weeks

When cities fall silent, there’s a good chance that the problem is far from normal. It could be aliens, natural occurrences, interdimensional, beings, or in the case of Killing Floor 2, mutants. When a horrible experiment breaks out of the quarantine labs, a terrible virus spreads across Europe. The uninfected hide and fight for their survival, a skill that has become second-nature to the civilians. However, the time has come to take back their land, no matter how many bodies fall between them and that goal.

Killing Floor 2 comes from Tripwire Interactive, the team responsible for making the first Killing Floor game. The game was lauded for it’s visceral, gory presentation, which utilized their own design, the M.E.A.T system. Killing Floor established a legacy of extreme gore, exceeding the extreme violence of games such as the cult-classic Soldier Of Fortune: Gold Edition. The aforementioned game was so violent decapitations occurred with a simple headshot from a handgun.


Killing Floor 2 will have players brutally shoot and kill oncoming monsters, in either solo play or 6 player co-op. As military and civilian forces converge to rid Europe of this parasitic menace, players will have access to a variety of high-powered weaponry and state of the art tools. However, these monsters will come in full fury in large numbers. They are not to be trifled with.

These aren’t ordinary mutant that blindly runs towards your gun. These are smart, intelligent enemies that will find cracks in your combat actions, exploit them, then proceed to ruthlessly rip you and your teammates, limb-to-limb. Players will need to use their perks and stick together if they are to survive this sadistic nightmare.

Killing Floor 2 is slated for release November 18th for the PlayStation 4 and Steam. The game is currently in Beta on PS4 and is an Early Access title on Steam.

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