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Kalypso Media Announces Commandos 2 HD Remaster and Praetorian HD Remaster

Kalypso Media, the makers of fantastic games such as Sudden Strike 4 and the Tropico games, made the surprise announcement this week that two classic real-time strategy games will be making their way to consoles before the end of the year. A strong force in the RTS genre, Kalypso has been gaining grounds in strategic and military games, coming off the immensely exciting launch for Sudden Strike 4 and recently having published the Air Conflicts Collection for the Nintendo Switch. Now, Kalypso Media is hard at work, joining efforts with Pyro Studios to usher in the return of two classic icons of the strategy genre: Commandos 2 HD Remaster and Praetorians HD Remaster, developed by Yippee Entertainment and Torus Games respectively. These two games will be making their way to Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in the fourth quarter of 2019, meaning these games are coming incredibly soon. Mac, Linux, iPad, and Android tablet users, and Nintendo Switch owners are not being left out as Commandos HD Remaster will make their way to those platforms as well.

Commandos 2 HD Remaster is a strategic installment in the long-running Commandos series of games, wildly regarded as a masterpiece that defined the RTS genre in a way that few games have ever done. In Commandos 2 HD Remaster, players will take control of an elite group of commandos in the onset of World War II. Your objective is to use your elite roster of soldiers to defeat the Axis Powers and win the war for the allies. Commandos 2 HD Remaster is not only making its way to current-gen systems with brighter colors, but instead, is receiving a significant overhaul, complete with reworked controls, HD re-texturing, a modernized user interface, and a brand-new tutorial to bring new players up to speed and make them mission-ready as soon as possible. On their mission, players will interact with environments, stealing enemy uniforms and weapons, climbing obstacles, infiltrating buildings, and using vehicles to accomplish their mission. An entire arsenal of weapons and vehicles are at the disposal of the player, which will be available across 9 different environments and 10 completely different missions. Each mission will be authentic, placing players into believable circumstances that will challenge the player to think and overcome.

When players are done fighting the Nazis in Commandos 2 HD Remaster, they can hark back to historical tactical strategy with Praetorians HD Remaster. Players are teleported back to the age of The Roman Empire, a time of conquest and a spreading empire. In your quest to become The Emperor Of Rome, you will prove your worth on the battlefield against the rebels and dissidents who oppose the Empire, as well as the Empire itself. Similar to Commandos 2: HD Remaster, Praetorians HD Remaster will feature new textures and modern optimizations, as well as reworked controls and a new UI. As the commander, you will command your military to fight in the combat theaters of Gaul, Egypt, and even the Heart of The Roman Empire in Italy. While your army will be trained and equipped with a bevy of the finest weapons and soldiers available, the enemy is among the best and most elite of the ancient civilized world, with thousands of soldiers, armed and trained to strike their enemies down with impunity. Also regarded as a masterpiece, Praetorians HD Remaster is looking to prove its place among the competitive space of today’s video games.

Both Commandos 2: HD Remaster & Praetorians HD Remaster are looking sharp and tremendous. There is a need for more Real-Time Strategy games on the market, especially on consoles, and seeing that Kalypso is working with the original creators is fantastic. The featurette, attached to the top of this article, showcases more of the work being done to bring these classics back to life, and so see the level of care and enthusiasm they are putting into the remasters is encouraging and commendable. It’s been quite a long while since I last played an RTS game, and I looked forward to digging into these classics.

Commandos 2: HD Remaster & Praetorians HD Remaster will both launch in Q4 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with Commandos HD: Remaster launching on the Switch, tablets, and smartphones.

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