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JYDGE – An explosive tale of robotic judges and punishing executions (PS4, PC, XB 1, Nintendo

In the wake of the chaos at Neon Chrome, crime runs rampant throughout the city. Thugs have acquired military-grade hardware, terrorizing innocent civilians and destroying public property. With the city tearing itself apart, city officials deploy a controversial law-enforcement tool. A tool to which criminals will be brought to justice by any means necessary.

This tool employs the most cutting-edge weapons and gadgets to meet the demands of any challenge that will be presented from the streets. This tool is known as a JYDGE. From 10tonsLtd, makers of games such as Crimsonland, Xenoraid, and Neon Chrome, comes one of their finest games to date, JYDGE.

Jydge is a cyberpunk twin-stick shooter that takes place within the same universe of Neon Chrome, last years amazing twin-stick cyberpunk shooter. For a review of Neon Chrome, you can click HERE.


JYDGE takes place around the events of the aforementioned game, as players take control of a hulking android, programmed to protect the innocent and dispense extreme justice to anyone close to the term criminal. Unique to this crime-fighting machine is their “Gavel,” a special weapons system that can be customized and augmented into various configurations.

Whether players want to use rockets, lasers, machine-gun bullets, or increase their melee power, it is entirely up to them. Additionally, players can alter their gadgets, adding hacking tools, armor, or drones to aid in their pursuits of justice. After a brief introduction, players are set loose on their first case, and into the dark, grimy world of the future.

Players embark on a variety of missions, with a large multitude of smaller objectives to complete. Players will take on an assortment of high-powered street gangs, mechanized combat equipment, collect evidence, and rescue civilians.

Each mission will play out in an entirely different location, from homes to banks, to hideouts, and office buildings. the primary task is to complete the primary objective, which can range from destroying a specific target to rescuing a certain number of civilians. After that objective is complete, players must make their way back to the patrol car.

With a multitude of objectives to complete, players may not complete all of them in one guy, due to their specific parameters. This makes each level very repayable as it encourages players to experiment with different gadgets and weapons.   Additionally, each level is completely destructible, which can work to your advantage, as well as against you.

10tonsLTD has had great expertise in the art of twin-stick shooting, and that practice is finely polished in JYDGE. As I have played many of 10Tonsltd games, I can feel a genuine sense of response and reaction with JYDGE. The movement, aiming and shooting feels just right, and in fact, there is a sense of both heft and precision to the player’s movements and shooting. Firing your weapons has a sense of weight to it, especially with heavier weapons, while using your primary weapon has a clean, clear response. Seeing bullets tear walls apart and set off explosions is an absolute delight to see and hear.

Of course, using the good old-fashioned melee kill is brutally satisfying, as players witness a fearsome mechanical fist slam into the skulls of low-life criminals and splatter their insides in an explosion of red. With the various augmentations, that melee kill can become an explosive melee kill. Coupled with solid visuals and an exceptional soundtrack, The combat in JYDGE is absolutely fantastic.

However, players are not invincible. Multiple difficulty settings and trade-offs with each upgrade provide new obstacles for the player can overcome. For example, a player can install an augmentation that makes their game melee kill wield a 1000% kill at the cost of limited health.

Once again, the mixing and matching of these augmentations and weapon combinations suit the need for any player’s preferred game preference. this includes using stealth enhancements to move through each level. Higher difficulty settings are also present, which change the objectives and introduce stronger enemies. Where you move and how you dispatch your foes is incredibly important and will require repeat playthroughs to fully conquer.

On a special note, JYDGE does feature a 2 player option for anyone wishing to join their friends in the punishment of crime. At the beginning of each mission, players can simply hit a button on a second controller. The second player will have the same exact weapons and augmentations as player one. Having a second player makes participating in some of the missions significantly easier. Of course, the enjoyment of playing JYDGE is amplified with another player.

JYDGE is an incredibly entertaining shooter, and I can see it expanding into more experiences in the future. From the exciting combat to the incredible presentation, JYDGE is another fantastic addition from 10tonsLTD. The team has demonstrated an incredible degree of talent, spanning many years. it’s fantastic to see the team continue to deliver something special for gamers with JYDGE.

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