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Jessica Jones – Thoughts on Season 2

Jessica Jones Thoughts on Season 2 By: Nightmare Actual

(Kristen Ritter)

What’s up, folks? It’s Nightmare, here. In this edition, we are going to talk about my thoughts on the second season of Jessica Jones on Netflix. Well, what can be said about the series? To continue forward I suggest we cover the basics as to what happened in season 1. I will try to keep it spoiler free.

Reader beware!

There are quite a few differences here when watching the series from season 1 to season 2. Jessica in season 1 is quite different than she is in season 2. Obviously, she is still Jessica. However, there are different shades of her. We are not going to talk about the different shades of Jessica due to the fact that it could be possibly somewhat spoilery to certain plot points of the story as to why she does what she does. Another point is the change in perspective of an antagonist. Which I really enjoyed. In the first season, we have a man with the ability to make you do anything he wanted with a single word.

Kilgrave aka Kevin Thompson

(David Tennant)

Alright, let’s think about that for a few minutes. Could you imagine having someone or being a person with that type of ability? Being a long time geek myself, I can appreciate the ability. if I found myself with the chance to have an ability I would go with Professor Xavier’s but that’s a whole other article because I could talk to you for days about that.

I really enjoyed all the tension in the first season with the protagonist and antagonist as you dive deep into how they are connected. As well as how it all spirals out of control. If you haven’t seen this series and you enjoy watching strong female characters kick some ass. This is most definitely a series to watch. I can’t give an opinion for the comics or graphic novels. As I never really got a chance to enjoy them. I’ve always been more visual and mostly attracted to the moving pictures.

This time around we go way into the deep end of the psyche of Jessica. If you know me you’ve probably heard me talk about how much of a crush I have on her, Kristen Ritter. I think she the perfect actress to portray such a “misanthrope” and when defining a character what’s really important is the small things.

I really enjoy the character because I sometimes see myself in terms of how she interacts with people being a misanthrope myself. Actually to the point where one of the personas I have as a musician is named Mysanthropy. It’s misspelled on purpose because I like to be unique in the stuff I give effort to. So in terms of the whole philosophical experience, she finds herself having what they call an existential crisis (where the questions you have are mainly about your place in this world to explain it in a simple manner without getting into too much detail maintaining objectivity. I really see eye to eye with Jessica as I have gone through those dark times as well.

The season gets very personal and it’s nice to see that type of shift in an antagonist. If you were to sum up the whole season with just a phrase I believe it would be “You are your own worst enemy” while there are others threats present there’s no bigger threat than you are to yourself.

(You will understand my point when watching the series if not it will give a new perspective)

The season going in this direction was entertaining for me I am often more neutral in terms of what people like and don’t like and this could be one of those things that’s to the extremes you love it or you hate it. Even relatable to an extent I by no means have superpowers unless you can count making music a “superpower” or being able to string a bunch of words together in a clear cohesive thought. I’d like my son or daughter to live in that kind of world.

The music all throughout the series I thought fit very well. As a musician that’s one of my dream jobs creating music for video games, series or movies which makes me really develop an interest in the series as it developed because they all tell some aspect of the story. The part of the story we are not going to understand with our minds but with our hearts. In the season we also don’t have just one antagonist we have a few of them as the story behind the story behind the story takes its toll on all characters in a different way.

We get to meet some characters of the past, some new ones. Some good ones and some bad ones. It was hard not to keep watching for me when I wasn’t watching you have that urge to keep watching, to keep the domino effect moving. I physically had to go to sleep because my body couldn’t take it anymore after like the 9th episode. The way it all develops kept me glued to the screen.

With all that being said I recommend this to anyone who likes detective tales as she is a private eye and the series throughout has this old school noir style like as if you were watching a film about the video game L.A Noire which is one of my favorites games. Take the dive I do hope you enjoy the series as much as I do.

This is Nightmare, out.

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