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Jamestown+ Heads To Nintendo Switch

Lena DelRay (@Crowbeak) and Stride PR have announced that Final Form Games is bringing their incredibly renowned spaceship shooter, Jamestown + on to the Nintendo Switch, with new content heading to the Steam and PC versions arriving as well. The announcement comes as the team gears up Pax West to present the Nintendo Switch version at the show, along with its new features. The original game, Jamestown,  was released in 2011 for PC platforms, then subsequently released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015 as Jamestown + , folding gin all available DLC previously released. Now, nearly a decade after the original release and four years after debuting on consoles, Jamestown + is heading to the Nintendo Switch this fall.

For those unfamiliar with Jamestown +, Jamestown + is a fast-paced action spaceship shooter, or shmup, where the player will fight waves upon wave of enemies, including towering and overwhelming bosses. Jamestown+ takes place in an alternate colonial history, where the English land and colonize the surface of Mars, the first human colony on the Red Planet. As humans colonize the surface of the planet, they utilize the planets raw materials to build advanced technology, but soon enough, the colonizers discover and ancient race of aliens that have long since left Mars, leaving the humans to procure incredibly advanced weaponry and technology. A conflict ensues, and it is up to the players to stop this technology from getting into the wrong hands and destroying Mars.

As a shmup, players will utilize various different weapons and vehicles, including upgrading their vehicles and weapons to become faster, stronger, and more deadly against the enemy. To survive, players will have to use their properly timed special attack that, when used, will allow for a massive amount of firepower to be sent towards the enemy. As the enemy has access to advanced alien technology, expect to fight diabolical machines never meant to be seen by man. This includes vicious aliens creatures, as players venture across the Martian wilderness to stop this war before it consumes the planet.

Having played the game myself on the PlayStation 4, Jamestown+ is a phenomenal game. It’s inspiration from the steampunk genre, especially anime masterpieces such as Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle In The Sky, coupled with incredible tight gameplay make this a distinctively fun and engaging experience. Visually, the game is filled with a wonderfully inventive art style, with various greens and red illustration a Mars teeming with life and alien fascination. The game is presented in a 16-bit style, not unlike a game that you would see on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, with music that feels right at home with the game and the classic style it is inspired from. Whether you have played shmups or not, this is one game not to be missed.

Jamestown+ is slated for release on Nintendo Switch, as well as Steam/PC this coming Fall.

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