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Iron Crypticle – Action Dungeon Crawler Releasing July 11th

Tikipod Ltd, the makers of wonderful retro-inspired games such as Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender, and Rock Boshers DX, are releasing their latest creation, Iron Crypticle this week for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.  Greatly inspired by the 16-bit classics of days past, Iron Crypticle is set to fill those yearning for brutal twin stick action in a medieval fantasy setting.

In the elegant land of Cryptonia, an evil, nefarious force sweeps in and kidnaps the princess, leaving darkness and devastation in its wake. As a sworn knight, it is up to you, and potentially three additional players, to kill everything in sight, save the princess, and kick the bad guys in the knackers.  In Iron Crypticle, the fantasy settings are very much inspired by the world set in Capcom’s Super Ghost & Goblins for the SNES. this includes challenging medieval enemies and insane boss fights.

Iron Crypticle

Iron Crypticle will play as a twin-stick shooter, which will have players dive into crypts filled with monstrous enemies. Players will have to rely on speed, mobility, and skill to defeat the seemingly endless waves of enemies.  Players will have access to a wide variety of ranged weapons and item abilities. Players will also be able to choose from multiple routes to make their way towards the end oft the game, and a cat merchant will offer more abilities for the player to acquire.

The game will also feature couch-op for a total of four players. As the game is greatly inspired by Midway’s infamous arcade game, S.M.A.S.H TV, expect an intense, brutal, and immensely rewarding twin-stick action experience.

Iron Crypticle releases on Tuesday, July 11th.

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