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inversus pax ten preview


One of the fantastic titles on display in the PAX Ten is an innovative little title called Inversus. The graphics, displayed in stark black and white, are simplistic in design and this minimalistic design extends to the gameplay which seems self-explanatory at first. The developer compared it to Go, and that is fair, in that while it is easy to understand and simple on the surface, it deceptively hides sophisticated strategies that only emerge when playing against a friend.

I was lucky enough to have had a chance to speak with the developer Ryan Juckett of Hypersect in depth about Inversus earlier this year at PAX East in Boston. Check out the video below to get some great insights into the design of the game as well as some excellent examples of this titles deceptively simple, strategic gameplay.

Once again I want to thank Ryan for taking the time to speak with me about his innovative title. This game certainly deserves the focus that the PAX Ten will place on it. The controls are tight, and the gameplay is smooth. Your mind is always firing as you play and develop your strategy in real time. The graphics black and white contrast aid you in that they do a fantastic job of clearly displaying the action. If the developer had chosen bright flashy colors, the action would be at risk of getting lost.

As it is, everything about the presentation works as a whole to provide an engaging and thoughtful experience that flexes your brain power as much as your twitch reflexes. I am looking forward to once again getting my hands on this title at PAX West in just a few weeks!

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