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invade next movie review

Argument is how we grow as an individual. If we surrounded ourselves with only the people we agree with we will always stay as we are in that exact moment. It’s why I’ve had a big problem with the political correctness movement. In essence, there is 100% nothing wrong with being sensitive towards other people’s beliefs and rights as a human being””I can get behind that””but my generation (the Millennial generation) does take it to an extreme. I have the same problem with the neo-conservative branch of the Republican party. They’re as guilty as the PC movement when it comes to this action, only with different rhetoric, and it tends to be rhetoric I do not agree with on a social level.


If you haven’t guessed my political affiliation at this moment, yes, I do tend to lean towards the right on some fiscal issues but also lean to the left when it comes to social ones. I grew up watching Fox News mostly because of my parent’s political affiliations, but my first vote in 2008 was for Barrack Obama. 2012 I still voted for Obama because of his social stances towards gay marriage, the patriot act (I got duped there), and immigration (here too, mostly). I have always been frustrated with my party, the Republican party, mostly because I tend to think if we just moved to the left on social issues””such as women’s health and gay marriage””we’d actually win an election. I registered for the Republican party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Martin Luther King Jr; not the party of Dick Cheney and Mike Huckabee, fiscal conservatives who stood on the front lines as social vanguards. Unfortunately, that’s not my party today.

Walking in the other guys’ shoes is important, and I’d say it’s a requirement if you live in a democracy like ours. It is why I went to go see this movie. Do I agree with Michael Moore on every issue he brings up? No. Absolutely not. Is he biased in these films stances? Yes, but that doesn’t change the fact I can get behind one or two of the things he brings up in the film.


I can get behind the point he makes about the French’s lunch program. I actually thought it was kind of a neat idea. A short summary is lunch was treated as a class. Kids don’t get an hour of recess and a short fast food meal that’s only descriptive form is diarrhea. Instead, they get nutritionally balanced meals and are taught proper table manners during their times eating. This means kids have to share their food if they are done and are only given water to drink. They’re taught how to properly eat. A lot of what I agree with tends to be in regards to European schooling systems actually, but you need to see the film with an open mind. Most of what I disagree with is the European prison system he wants to bring over to America, and Moore directly contradicts himself in this film when it comes to the federal punishment of Bankers.

Moore brings up many interesting points in regards to European governmental systems, and they’re not all I can agree with. However, if you’re like me””a conservative with an open mind””you can leave agreeing with at least one or two points. I’m not saying you should only go home and watch MSNBC. I am just saying our country would be better off if we balanced our political commentary with both sides every now and then. It’s a healthy mindset to have. Especially in this day and age.

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