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Infinite Adventures – Brings Dungeon Exploration to PAX East

No matter what game you are playing, it isn’t a role-playing game until you and your squad find yourselves fighting monsters underground deep within a dungeon. Dungeon exploration can be traced back to the early 80’s when players fought in endless labyrinths to vanquish evil and survive. These dungeons got more advanced and sophisticated over time, across hundreds of titles and experiences.

Eventually, DRPGS or Dungeon Role-Playing Games made their way to video game platform., They introduced the idea of a first-person RPG experience where players explored massive, maze-like labyrinth and fighting monsters while balancing party strengths and weaknesses to stay alive.

It’s a very niche genre, consisting of titles such as Ray Gigant, Shin Megami Tensei, and May Skelter Nightmares. Now, the team at Stormseeker games hope to change all that with the release of Infinite Adventures, coming soon to the PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Infinite Adventures has players assembling their team of knights, mages, witches, and fighters, and embarking on the mystery of the infinite labyrinth. You, the hero, are a traveler that has lost his or her memories.

The truth to your destiny, as well as your memories, lay within the Infinite Labyrinth. As the labyrinth is host to hundreds of monsters, it continually changes its shape and structure, meaning that no adventure is ever the same.

Infinite Adventures is inspired by DRPGS of the past, while also building upon the genre with modern mechanics. Players can select their own hero from hundreds of customizable parts, including a multitude of fantasy races. From there, players can assemble their fellowship and enter the dungeon.

Infinite Adventures has procedurally-generated dungeons, keeping the experience fresh and different with each iteration. In addition to the main quest, players will be encouraged to seek out a large number of side quests, optional boss fights, and loot every nook and cranny in order to conquer the dungeon. Your fellowship will both be animated and fully voiced, giving life to the fantasy setting.

The game was featured prominently at the Indie Megabooth at PAX East. I had a brief time with the game, but what I was able to play was fantastic. Traveling in the dungeon was a lot of fun, as it felt modern yet harked back to the classic dungeon crawling of the 1980’s.

The turn-based combat was neat, as we faced barbaric creatures and undead warriors. I was able to either use manual attack tactics or set the party into automatic. The energy, pace, and visual style were all very neat, and the game definitely felt like a title that both casual gamers and experienced RPG veterans could sink into.

Infinite Adventures is coming in 2018 to PlayStation 4 and Steam. 

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