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Implosion: Never Lose Hope

Implosion: Never Lose Hope

When all chaos breaks loose in the furthest reaches of space, a warrior of the future must be called into action. Earth has fallen and mankind spreads itself to other planets,  but when a vicious alien race threatens mankind, an elite team will combine machines and artificial intelligence with the human brain to create the ultimate weapon. This is Implosion, a sci-fi action game with inspirations from cyberpunk and space anime, becoming its own unique experience.

In deep-space, a distress signal has been detected by Jake and his elite team in the Earth military. His team is in charge of the Warmech, an adventured cybernetic body that is specifically built for the battlefield of tomorrow. The Warmech is unmanned but is remotely linked to the pilot’s brain, while the pilot operates in safety from a remote location. Utilizing advanced weapons and abilities, the Warmech can take on any threat, including the mutagenic alien parasite, the XADA. Dispatched to the colony, Jake and his elite team are in for a dangerous mission that could threaten the remnants of human civilization.

Implosion is a hack-and-slash action game, originally released on smart devices, now released on the Nintendo Switch. Players will have access to a variety of firearms, as well as wield their close-range blade to attack enemies in a combination of long-range and close-range attacks. The parasitic XADA will infect humans and mechanical weapons, meaning that players can expect to fight ferocious alien beasts, as well as deadly defense weapons.

Across multiple stages, players will be rewarded modules for their suit, as well as be ranked for the successful completion of each mission, including completing secondary objectives. Across several planets and multiple enemies, players will encounter several mammoth boss fights, testing the wite and skill of the player in each fight. These boss fights are among the strongest highlights to an already solid game, coming in a variety of forms, and with them, a certain unpredictability.

While Implosion is not something on the scale of Devil May Cry 5, Implosion is an incredibly sharp action game, with great effects, tight gameplay, and a sharp visual presentation. Playing the game is easy-to-learn, but hard-to-master, as the enemies will quickly surround and constantly attack the player. The various enemies provide their fair set of challenges, and the challenge will sharply increase over time, with large enemies requiring a constant barrage of attack and precise dodging in order to survive. Coupled with the games sharp visuals, fast framerate, and an amazing soundtrack, Implosion is an amazing action experience, especially on-the-go.

By bringing Implosion to the Nintendo Switch, Implosion not only looks and sounds sharper but also has the benefit of using the physical buttons on the joy-cons, making for more precise control, as the previous release left only touch-screen controls, which can be imprecise and interfere with the visual scope of the game. With the Nintendo Switch, players get sharper graphics and more powerful presentation. The sound effects and soundtrack echo through much more clearly than on a smart device.  The same is true when playing Implosion in undocked mode, where the game continues to hold it’s strong presentation and gameplay. Implosion never skips a beat, even when so much is going on on-screen.

Perhaps the only real setback would be that Implosion does not feature any additional content for the Nintendo Switch release. The world of Implosion is well realized, complete with voice actors and an anime-style storyline. It would have been fascinating to see the world of Implosion more fleshed out. Additionally, the game is best played in short bursts, as it can become repetitive after long playthrough, though that is sensible, considering the game started as a smartphone title first. Implosion is a strong sci-fi game, and I do hope that the developers at Rayark consider a continuation.

While Implosion is a simple port of a smartphone game to Nintendo Switch, it is nonetheless a sharp and engaging game, even when best played in short bursts. Implosion is a sharp adventure, with a unique cybernetic combat system, sharp presentation, and engaging story. There are plenty of action games on the Nintendo eShop and Implosion is certainly not one to skip out on.

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