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Immortal Unchained – Upcoming Fantasy Shooter Locks in a Release Date

Immortal Unchained

There are two important days in the universe: The day you are born and the day you find out why. It’s a long-standing quest for millions of people, but in the world of Immortal Unchained, the answer to the question of purpose means the difference between life and death for all beings in the universe.

When a prisoner is awakened and set free, he will set across a strange world that bends the fabrics of fantasy and reality on a quest to save all worlds. This is Immortal Unchained coming to consoles and PC’s. The team behind the game, Toadman interactive, have announced a release date for the game. Players will be able to jump into the fascinating and deadly realm of the Nine Worlds on September 9th,2018.

The team behind Immortal unchained hopes to spice up the “Hardcore RPG genre” with the introduction of the first shooting-focused Hardcore RPG. This means that enemies will be insanely tough and players will be in a constant state of danger and vulnerability. But over time, they will have the ability to wield incredibly weaponry and deadly powers to fight through what lies before them and obtain the truth.

Players will be comparable to a God, but that still means that deadly fights with unimaginable creatures can easily destroy you. Players can experiment with dozens of long range and close range weapons to fight the vicious evil, which will require players to use both guns and swords in ever-changing combat.

There promises to be many surprises in store, as the fantasy world is being written by two veteran writers. Firstly, Anne Toole, who worked with the team at CD Project Red for The writing of The Witcher III. Joining her is Adrian Vershinin, who helped to create an engaging narrative of beliefs, honor, and war in Killzone: Shadows Fall.

Immortal unchained looks to be a surprise hit and an incredible game that will make a significant impact in a genre looking for more than just Dark Souls.

Immortal Unchained launches September 7th, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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