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Immortal Redneck – Out now on Consoles – Review

When it comes to ancient civilizations, nothing fascinates us more than the ancient Egyptians and their quest for immortality. One of the most revolutionary civilizations of the ancient world, a civilization that gave us the founding principals of communications via papyrus and hieroglyphics, was infatuated with the prospect of everlasting life.

For the Egyptians, death is only the beginning, and it is in this realm beyond our own where true power and ascension reside. For one unlucky traveler, he will have the misfortune of encountering death, and the pain it can cause. But, with some with persistence, he will come out on top as a member of royalty.

This is the world of Immortal Redneck, from Crema Games. Originally released in April 2017, the game finally makes its way to consoles this week. From fighting monsters to using God powers, this is the kind of shooting experience you wish you learned about in your world history class.

Immortal Redneck is a rogue-like, procedural that puts you in the shoes of the loud-mouthed unfiltered southerner, roughing it along the sands of Egypt. On one particular day, his ego and excitement get the better of him, and he crashes his ATV, smashing his entire body in the process. What’s left of him is carried off to an unknown tomb, where he is mummified by strange figures, each having the look of specific Egyptian Gods.

When he comes to, our hero is completely wrapped in straps. He is essentially dead but still alive. In order to redeem his life, he will have to fight through the multiple floors of the three pyramids of Giza. Each pyramid is wrought with deadly enemies and vicious traps, including giant bosses that you will need to defeat.

To accompany players on their quest, players will have access to a variety of outrageous weapons, including weapons that would be found in a sci-fi shooter. Players will have access to traditional weapons with Egyptian flairs, such as revolvers, shotgun, and rifles. This also includes the always-reliable AK-47. Additionally, players will access futuristic, energy-based weapons, such as lasers. Finally, there are heavy-duty weapons, such as mini-guns, rocket launchers, and even explosive-potato cannons.

Each temple is ripe with mysteries and enemies. The ultimate objective is to make it to the exit, but players are free to explore the entire temple, which could either work in your favor or against you. Some scrolls give great power at the sacrifice of your health, and others allow for slightly enhanced perks. it is highly encouraged to completely explore every room possible in the temple to maximize your chances of survival. There is permadeath in Immortal Redneck, and if you die, you have to start from the beginning. However, you can actually start from halfway in the temple, if you make it that far.

One of the most rewarding parts of Immortal Redneck is how well death is handled. Players receive gold after each run. How much gold depends on how many enemies you slay and what kinds of secrets are uncovered. Players can come across treasure chests that give more coins away. When players die, they return to their tomb and come out again. They retain the gold they have accumulated and can use that to upgrade their skills.

Additionally, players can access “favors” which allow players to embrace the very spirits of the Gods. These favors range from the Apis, God of Strength to the Sekhmet, the Goddess of healing. These favors allow access to exclusive weapons and special powers that can be used. For example, the Goddess of Healing favor turns all items into health, which is important if you wish to heal quickly.

The shooting gameplay is absolutely fantastic in Immortal Redneck and truly throws itself back to the classic days of shooting combat. Each level within the temple has the potential to lock you in a bizarre arena, requiring quick reflexes, maneuverability, and the hopeful luck that you have chosen the right weapon, in order to survive.

Being able to take on ancient demonic enemies with a mini-gun, while getting health from stacks of meat, is utterly fun! Each weapon has a distinct weight and firepower and seeing an enemy fall to the power of zany weapons like a crowbar provides great enjoyment. It feels as if Immortal Redneck is not just nodding to the past but celebrating how far we’ve come in the first-person shooting arena. Of course, all the frenzy and chaos is set against the backdrop of a loud, gritty man, hollering all sorts of insults and quips, along with solid soundtrack from composer Damien Sanchez.

The biggest drawback I could possibly say for Immortal Redneck is its occasional punishing difficulty, which can occur at random. There will be times where you will have absolutely terrible scroll drops or weapons drops, and your journey will end shortly before it begins. Players can start at the halfway point, once they kill a boss, but as these rouge-likes often go, it’s best to start from the beginning and work your way up so as to give you the best possible outcome when you reach the final section.

Immortal Redneck will ask players to be patient but continuously persist throughout the game, because there might be that opportunity of having the weapons and scrolls you desperately need to survive. The levels are all well-detailed, offering plenty of unique spaces to which to do battle, and the game runs at a constant 60 frames-per-second. Immortal Redneck is a well-built and well-made game.

In closing, Immortal Redneck is a fun, challenging, unique shooter that isn’t bound by any trends or directions, other than to make an exciting, distinct, and rewarding experience. it’s a game that takes the gratification of video games and places the player in an entertaining world with fund shooting mechanics.

The gunplay is intense, the bosses are tough, but the reward of getting better and stronger with each turn will keep players coming back for more. With the plethora of content that Immortal Redneck provides, it is difficult to pass this one up. Immortal Redneck is a delight, no matter what platform you play it on. Don’t let the un-dead get you. Instead, take that laser machine gun and making the dead STAY dead. After all, you are the Immortal Redneck!

Immortal Redneck was reviewed with the generous donation of a key from Stride Public Relations

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