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How REGIMENT, Stack Up, & Gaming Support My Mental Health

by StarchyKid | U.S. Army Veteran

Gaming has had a massively positive effect on my mental health by providing a source of planned exposure to the situations and memories that trigger my combat PTSD. Initially, using flat-screen games like Tactical Shooter Ground Branch to reenact the "event" in a safe and controlled environment. Eventually, moving to VR shooters to physically reenact very similar situations and expose myself to incrementally more difficult scenarios.

REGIMENT and Stack Up have been vital to my transition out of Special Forces and into a veteran status. I don't feel isolated or alone. There are thousands of veterans and service members active on the two discords and on other social media platforms that I have reached out to while awaiting VA behavioral/mental health appointments.

Thank you, REGIMENT, Stack Up "StOP" volunteers, for all of your time and grace given to these communities.

StarchyKid is a Green Beret U.S. Army Veteran who recently retired from service. He streams primarily FPS games and recently joined the Stack Up Stream Team. Check out his Twitch channel.

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