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hoopity stick too many games 2016 local nj developer showcases free game

At TOO MANY GAMES 2016 in oaks, Pa, Local NJ game designer Jordan Hample showcased a brand-new, free game for the iOS and Android platforms. Coming off their recent projects, such as “You’re Fired” and ” Wubmarine,” Chief creator Jordan Hample, along with the staff at Semag Studio, showcased Hoopity Stick, a game of  skill and grand destruction!

The theme of Hoopity Stick falls back to the early playful mindset of playing with stick. There is a good chance, growing up, that you played with a stick, imagining it to be some kind of tool or weapon. In Hoopity Stick, your goal is to keep a wheel rolling for as along as possible. While rolling that wheel, you must navigate various obstacles in an attempt to keep that wheel steady and keeping distance. As you get further and further, the game gets more challenging. If your wheel falls, and you unable to pick it up, the wheel explodes and the game is over. As the game is a fun and silly title, the wheel you roll doesn’t even have to be a wheel. Waffles, pizza, rims, pies, and other circular objects are all available for choosing. To pivot the direction of the wheel, players use their fingers to gain speed and direction.

Hoopity Stick is free on Android Phones and iOS platforms, such as iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Semag Studio is an independent studio based in New Jersey. Their latest game, Eternal Grind, is a JRPG-inspired action game currently in development for Android and iOS platforms. For the latest updates,look for them on twitter, facebook, and YouTube


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